Georgopol is one big city that divided into 3 part. 

First is Container Area

Container Area

Container Area is an area full of container and some warehouses, there are a lot of items on the container but in other to get it you have to risk getting spot or getting shot. A lot of player often drop here.  Alway find a good area where 1 to 2 people only land with you because it's easy to hold there position.

Second is North Georgo

North George

North George is full of houses and High Building, There are a lot of loots inside this part of city, put the cicrle seems to never come to here, so player don't really want to drop here at all.

Third is South Georgo

South Georgo

South Georgopol also have a lot of houses and 3 high building, Most people drop here so they can fight against each other, This place is a lot of fun becuase there are a lot of safe place to hide after shooting and also good loots as well.

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