Pokemon UNITE Held Items List

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Held Item List

Note: The stats you see here are based on Items Level: 30.

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Attack Wieght | zilliongamerAttack Weight

Permanently increased attack damage after you score a goal.

Attack: +18

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Sp. Atk Specs | zilliongamerSpecial Attack Specs

Increases special attack damage when scoring a goal.

Special Attack: +24

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Wise Glasses | zilliongamerWise Glasses

Greatly Increase special attack damage when using special moves.

Attack: +39

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Muscle Band | zilliongamerMuscle Band

Provides extra attack speed and damage of basic attacks.

Attack Damage: +15

Attack Speed: 7.5%

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Float Stone | zilliongamerFloat Stone

Increases Attack Damage and gives your Pokémon more movement speed when out of combat.

Attack Damage: 24

Movement Speed: 120

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Shell Bell | zilliongamerShell Bell

Recovers back some HP when Pokémon lands a move.

Special Attack: +16

Move Cooldown: +3%

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Scope Lens | zilliongamerScope Lens

Increases Critical-hit damage and Critical-hit chance.

Critical Hit Damage: +12%

Critical Hit Chance: +6%

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Focus Band | zilliongamerFocus Band

Recovers health for a short period when Pokémon HP is low by taken damage.

Defense: +30

Special Defense: +30

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Aeos Cookie | zilliongamerAeos Cookie

Scoring a goal raised your Pokémon Maximum HP for the rest of the match.

Health: +160.

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Score Shield | zilliongamerScore Shield

Gain a shield when Pokémon attempts to score a goal and can't be interrupted when the shield is active.

Health: +240

Speed: +150

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Buddy Barrier | zilliongamerBuddy Barrier

When Pokémon use Unite move, you and the lowest HP nearby ally get a shield.

HP: +600

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Exp.Share | zilliongamerExp.Share

Get bonus experience every second when you are the lowest leveled Pokémon on your team.

HP: +240

Movement Speed: +150

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Leftovers | zilliongamerLeftovers

When not in combat, your Pokémon health recovers over time.

HP: +240

HP Recover: +9

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Assault Vest | zilliongamerAssault Vest

Outside of combat raised Pokémon HP and Shield against Special attack damage.

HP: +270

Special Defense: +42

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Rocky Helmet | zilliongamerRocky Helmet

When taken enough damage, your Pokémon deal percent damage to nearby opponents.

HP: +240

Defense: +42

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Energy Amplifier | zilliongamerEnergy Amplifier

After using a Unite move, your Pokémon deal more damage for a short period.

AEOS Energy gather rate: 6%

Move cooldown: +4.5%

Keyword Note

  • Sp = Special
  • Atk = Attack
  • Def = Defend
  • Exp = Experience

Held Items Guide

Bonus Pokemon Stats: Held items is use to increase your Pokemon stats, the stats boost is depend on which held item you use on your Pokemon.

Equip Held Items: Trainer can choose and equip up to 3 Held Items for their Pokemon. Trainer must reached Level 10 before able to equipped all 3 Held items.

Buy Held Items: You can buy Held item from Aeos Mart, each Held item will cost 1000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets.

Held Items are Upgradable: It is very important to know that Held items are able to upgrade by using Item Enhancer and it can be found inside Aeos Mart as well.

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