The Best Pokémon Unite Roles for Beginners

Pokémon Unite is a role-based MOBA game, each role has their strength and weakness. Find out a beginner's guide to all roles here.

What is Role in Pokémon Unite?

In Pokémon UNITE Role is a designated class that assign for Pokémon base on there stand out stats. There are 5 roles in the game such as: Attacker, Defender, All-Rounder, Speedster, and Supporter.

The Best Pokémon Unite Roles Guide for Beginners - zilliongamer

It is very important for you as Beginners to understand all Roles in Pokémon UNITE, it will help you to understand each Pokémon playstyle better and which Pokémon you can aim or avoid in team fight...

Attacker Pokémon Role

ATTACKER is a ranged Pokémon that deal very high attack and special attack damage with the drawback of having low endurance and health, make these Pokémon a very vulnerable target in team fight.

When playing as Attacker your objective is to eliminate the opponent weakest Pokémon and deal as much damage as you can when your All-Rounder or your Speedster scoring a goal.

Pokémon UNITE Roster: Pikachu - zilliongamerPikachu

We also offers build guide to all Attacker Pokémon as well. Clicked on the left image to check out our guide.

If you sense that your team is winning on a huge lead you can go around other lane to get extra kills or invade your opponent Jungle to cut them off from getting level.

When losing, Try your best to farm Wild Pokémon around the map and get your level up so you can deal high damage. Most team fight try to stay close to your Supporter or Defender to extend your survival chance.

The best lane for Attacker Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE is Top lane. You will have a better chance of winning ROTOM when playing at Top lane.

All-Rounder Pokémon Role

ALL-ROUNDER is a melee Pokémon that is well balanced and deal high damage with good endurance. However, All-Rounder Pokémon moves tend to evolves later in the game.

With great power come great responsibility, the objective of All-Rounder Pokémon is to be the backbone of the team by dealing damage, defending their team, and scoring.

Pokémon UNITE Roster: Lucario - zilliongamerLucarioYou might want to check out our Lucario build guide here featuring moves and both held & battle items guide.

Don't lower your guard even though you think you are winning, try to farm all Wild Pokémon to get to level 15 so that you are guaranteed to stand your ground during team fight.

Losing as a All-Rounder role is like a snowball going downhill, it is hard to bounce back but it is not impossible, try to find a space for your Pokémon to farm and gain back your Level.

The best lane for All-Rounder Pokémon is to start at the Bottom lane, after unlock your unite move try to participated in more team fight, and if you are losing team fight just go back to your lane and farm back your wasted level.

Speedster Pokémon Role

SPEEDSTER is a melee Pokémon that has very high overall mobility, the Pokémon in this role scale very high in early to mid game. They also deal high attack and special attack damage but have low endurance which is also an easy target during team fight.

Speedster Pokémon are known to have the fastest scoring time than other roles so the objective of this role is to focus on scoring high AEOS energy goal. The damage burst of Speedster Pokémon is insane so 1v1 is a possibility if you have higher level.

Pokémon Unite Fun Facts #2
Pokémon UNITE Roster: Absol - zilliongamerAbsolSpeedster level up the fastest when you play in Jungle area.

It is very fun to go out a hunt for kill when you know your team is winning on a huge lead, with proper combination these Speedster can just erase the enemy out of their existence.

Although if the team are losing, Speedster has the highest potential of turning the game around by doing backdoor scoring, or sneaky scoring while the team distract enemies with a team fight.

The best lane for Speedster in Pokémon UNITE is Jungle area, you can farm Wild Pokémon to level up very fast then go Roam or Gank any of your teammate struggling lane. Always keep your eyes on free AEOS energy and score it as much as you can.

Supporter Pokémon Role

SUPPORTER is a mixed between melee and ranged Pokémon with sole objective is to provide allies the support they need such as Healing, increased buff and DEBUFF the powerful enemy.

Support tend to get very little appreciation when the team winning, so shout out to all the Support players out there, thank you :D

Pokémon Unite Fun Facts #2
Pokémon UNITE Roster: Eldegoss - zilliongamerEldegossIt been a week since Pokémon UNITE release and Eldegoss is the most picked support Pokémon in the game.

Doesn't matter if your team is winning or losing, just do your best to provide the support that your team needed throughout the game.

The best lane to play Supporter is Bottom lane, you will share your lane with either All-Rounder or Attacker. Always keep your eyes on your Carry make sure they got the heal when they really need it.

Defender Pokémon Role

DEFENDER is also a mixed between melee and ranged Pokémon that has very high Endurance, a frontline tanker that can absorb both attack and special attack damage and while last longer than Attacker in team fight.

Pokémon Unite Fun Facts #3
Pokémon UNITE Roster: Snorlax - zilliongamerSnorlaxDid you know? Snorlax is the tankiest Pokémon in Pokémon Unite.

When you play as Defender and see that the team is struggling in team fight just try to draw enemy attention to you instead. So that Speedster can make some backdoor scoring plays.

Defender Pokémon share the Top lane with it Attacker or All-Rounder with the objective of trying to protect the carry from all trouble, Defender also have move to harass the opponent as well.

What is the Best Role in Pokémon Unite for Me?

First of all, it is very important that you understand all the role playstyles and then ask yourself what kind of playstyle that fit you the most?

Here are some playstyles par with role that you should tryout:

If you are an aggressive players that strives for kills, Attacker Pokémon is your number one choice.

If you are more of a bruiser who like to fight and retreat with strategic and technique you should give an All-Rounder Pokémon a try.

If you are an objective focus that like to secure the win every games and still be able to stand your ground Speedster is your main.

If you like to provide help for the team to get the win for you, you can tryout Supporter if you feel like it is too fragile try Defender.

At the end of the day, make sure you have fun playing the Role that you think you like it the most and don't forget to take some rest after some bad games.


In conclusion, Pokémon UNTE is a very new MOBA that just release within a week so I published this article hoping it will reach as many new players as it can so that you or they at least have some knowledge insight of the game most important aspect.

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