Best 5 Tips For Beginners in Pokemon Unite

Here are Best 5 tips for beginner players that can be useful to help them become a better players in the game. Check down below: 

Don't Fight Over Roles

All beginner players always make the same mistake by playing the wrong roles from the path setting.

Path Setting | Pokemon Unite - zilliongamer

Path setting is the important place where all players declare what pokemon they gonna play, what items are they gonna equip, and which role that they gonna take.

Note: If you start to fight over role from your teammate. It's mean you both gonna share EXP and that not a good strategy. It will cause you both to get the ability to level up slower than the enemies. 

Don't Steal Other's Farm

In the game there are 3 paths, Top path, Jungle path, and Bottom path. Each path has it own aipoms for each pokemon to farm. 

 Aipom | Pokemon Unite - zilliongamer

Beginner players always try to steal farm from the jungler and they can level up faster. Please don't do that!

If you steal the farm from the jungler they will lose a big amount of EXP and they won't be able to get their ability to level up and can't help the team in the fight.

Don't Forget the Zone

All beginner players when they are in the game. They always forget what they are going to do to win the game. 

Zone | Pokemon Unite - zilliongamer

They keep fighting, chasing the enemies, and steal other's farm and forget about all the objectives that have in the game such dreadnaw, zapdos, and protecting the zone.

Note: If you get a dreadnaw on the bottom side of the maps. You will get a big advantage of experience and shield for your entire team. And don't forget to destroy the enemies zone to win the game.

Going for Zapdos

When the Zapdos respawn in the game. Don't try to solo kill the zapdos while all 5 enemies are still alive. 

Zapdos | Pokemon Unite - zilliongamer

They can easily steal away the zapdos from you and win the game.

Note: Good situation to do the zapdos is when all the enemies is dead and they're on respawn time. You and your team can go for Zapdos easily. 

Jump into the Rank Game

Don't just go straight into the rank game when you just reach level 6

Rank Game | Pokemon Unite - zilliongamer

You still don't have enough experience and information to outplay the enemies in the rank game. 

Note: I recommend you guys to play the practice mode and try to play and understand all the Pokemon ability and items first before you jump into the rank game.

End of the Content and hope these tips gonna useful for the beginner players.

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