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Choice Specs Overview

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Choice Specs - zilliongamer

In Pokemon UNITE Choice Specs is a Held Item that increases the damage of Pokemon's Moves by 40 when they hit. It is a suitable item for Attacker roster.

In-game description: This item increases the damage of Pokemon's Moves by 40 when they hit. The higher Pokemon's Special attack, the more damage increased.

Choice Specs Stats



Choice Specs Effect

1Increase the damage of Pokemon's Moves by 40 when they hit.
10Increase the damage of Pokemon's Moves by 50 when they hit.
20Increase the damage of Pokemon's Moves by 60 when they hit.

How To Get Choice Specs

Choice Specs cost 1000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets. It can be purchased from the item shop.

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