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Sylveon Stats & Evolution

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Stats - zilliongamer

In Pokemon UNITE Sylveon is Ranged-Attacker pokemon that has a pretty good offense, scoring, & support stats, but has low endurance and mobility.

Sylveon Stats


Sylveon Evolution

In Pokemon UNITE Sylveon evolves as EEVEE starting at level 1 then evolves into Sylveon when you reach level 4 as a final evolution. 

Sylveon Builds

Best Moves for Sylveon

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Swift - zilliongamerSwift
Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Baby Doll Eyes - zilliongamerBaby Doll Eyes
Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Hyper Voice - zilliongamerHyper Voice
Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Calm Mind - zilliongamerCalm Mind

The best Sylveon moves in Pokemon UNITE start with Swift & Baby Dolls then upgrade to Hyper Voice (Lvl 4) & Calm Mind (Lvl 6)

From Level 1 to Level 3 strategies: Use Swift first to deal damage to enemies and farm then use Baby doll eyes as an offensive move. 

From Level 4 to Level 6 strategies: Upgrade to Hyper Voice to deal more dmg and reduces the enemy defense then upgrade Calm Mind to buff more movement speed, ATK, Sp.DEF, and shield.

Best Items For Sylveon

Held Items
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Focus Band | zilliongamerFocus Band

Recovers health for a short period when Pokémon HP is low by taken damage.

Defense: +30

Special Defense: +30

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Buddy Barrier | zilliongamerBuddy Barrier

When Pokémon use Unite move, you and the lowest HP nearby ally get a shield.

HP: +600

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Wise Glasses | zilliongamerWise Glasses

Greatly Increase special attack damage when using special moves.

Attack: +39

Battle Item
Pokemon Unite Battle Items: Eject Button | zilliongamerEject Button

Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction.

Cooldown: 55s

Best Synergies

Pokémon UNITE Roster: Blastoise - zilliongamerBlastoisePokémon UNITE Roster: Venusaur- zilliongamerVenusaurPokémon UNITE Roster: Snorlax - zilliongamerSnorlax
Pokémon UNITE Roster: Lucario - zilliongamerLucario  

Sylveon Moves List

Sylveon Basic Attack

Pokemon Unite Attack Effect - zilliongamerAttackBecomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage. In addition - after evolving into Sylveon - increase movement speed when this boosted attack hits.

Sylveon Passive Ability

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Adaptability - zilliongamerAdaptabilityEvery time Eevve deals or receives damage, increase Sp.Attack by 5% for 1.5s, stacking up to 4 times. Every time Sylveon deals or receives damage, increase Sp. ATK and Sp. Defense by 2.5% for 1.5s stacking up to 6 times.

Sylveon First Move

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Swift - zilliongamerSwift
Range (7s)
Shoots star-shaped rays at enemies, dealing damage to them.
Upgrade Choice (Level 4)
Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Mystical Fire - zilliongamerMystical Fire
Dash (7s)

Create four small flames while leaping in the designated direction. The flames shoot toward enemies one by one, dealing damage and decreasing their Sp. Attack by 15% for 1s, stacking up to 4 times. Each time a flame hits, reduce the cooldown of this move and after the first flame hits, subsequent flames on the same target deal 25% damage.

Level 10: Increase the number of flames by one.

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Hyper Voice - zilliongamerHyper Voice
Area (5s)

Unleashes an attack of multiple sound waves that deal damage when they hit. The damage dealt increases the farther the target is from Sylveon. Every sound wave reduces enemy Sp.Defense by 20% (Stacking up to 4 times at 80%) for the next tick of Hyper Voice, after dealing damage to an enemy.

Level 10: Increases the number of sound waves by one.

Sylveon Second Move

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Baby Doll Eyes - zilliongamerBaby Doll Eyes
Ranged (5s)
Stare at an enemy with baby doll eyes, dealing damage and decreasing their attack and movement speed for a short time when this move hits.
Upgrade Choice (Level 6)
Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Draining Kiss - zilliongamerDraining Kiss
Sure Hit (10s)

Blow a kiss at an enemy that goes back and forth between Sylveon and the target multiple times. When the kiss touches Sylveon, restore HP. When it hits the enemy, deal damage and decrease their movement speed for a short time. If Sylveon and the enemy move too far away from each other, the kiss will disappear faster than normal. 

Level 12: Increase the amount of HP this move restores.

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Calm Mind - zilliongamerCalm Mind
Buff (10s)

Sylveon quitely focuses their mind and clams their spirit, increasing movement speed, Sp.Attack by 40% and Sp.Defense by 10% for a short time.

Level 12: Up to 3s after using this move, if Sylveon is hit by an Enemy's move, the damage is completely nullified and Sylveon is granted a shield.

Sylveon Unite Move

Pokemon UNITE Sylveon Move: Fairy Frolic - zilliongamerFairy Frolic
Buff (139s)

Jump into the air and become briefly invincible. The moment Sylveon lands, deal damage to enemies in the area of effect and restore Sylveon's HP. For 10s afterward, 50% of damage dealt by Sylveon is converted into HP (basice attacks are excluded).

Unlock at level 9

End of Sylveon Build.

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