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Snorlax Stats & Evolution

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Stats - zilliongamer

In Pokémon Unite Snorlax is a melee defender pokemon. Snorlax has very strong endurance, a good support for attacker with slow mobility.

Snorlax Stats

Offense:3 / 10
Endurance:10 / 10
Mobility:4 / 10
Scoring:3 / 10
Support:5 / 10
Total:25 / 50

Snorlax Evolution

In Pokémon Unite Snorlax has no evolution, it start from level 1 to 15 as Snorlax.

Snorlax Builds

Best Moves for Snorlax

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Tackle - zilliongamerTackle
Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Rest - zilliongamerRest
Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Heavy Slam - zilliongamerHeavy Slam
Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Yawn - zilliongamerYawn

The best Snorlax movesets build in Pokemon Unite start with Tackle & Rest then upgrade to Heavy Slam (Lv.6) and Yawn (Lv.8).

Level 1 to 5 Strategies: You can use Tackle to knock up enemies in front of you, and using Rest to block the movement of all ememy pokemon and restoring HP.

Level 6 to Level 8 Strategies: You can knock up multiple enemies using Heavy Slam, and Yawn that lulls the enemy pokemon into a sleepy haze.

Best Items for Snorlax

Held Items
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Float Stone | zilliongamerFloat StoneIncreases Attack Damage and gives your Pokémon more movement speed when out of combat.
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Rocky Helmet | zilliongamerRocky HelmetWhen the Pokémon receives a certain amount of damage, damage is dealt to nearby opposing Pokémon remaining HP.
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Focus Band | zilliongamerFocus BandRecovers health for a short period when Pokémon HP is low by taken damage.
Battle Item
Pokemon Unite Battle Items: Eject Button | zilliongamerEject Button

Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction.

Cooldown: 55s

Best Synergies for Snorlax

Lane Synergies
Pokémon UNITE Roster: Cinderace - zilliongamerCinderacePokémon UNITE Roster: Eldegoss - zilliongamerEldegossPokémon UNITE Roster: Absol - zilliongamerAbsol
Combat Synergies
Pokémon UNITE Roster: pikachu - zilliongamerPikachuPokémon UNITE Roster: Lucario - zilliongamerLucarioPokémon UNITE Roster: Wigglytuff - zilliongamerWigglytuff

Snorlax Moves List

Snorlax Basic Attack

Pokemon Unite Pikachu Attack Effect - zilliongamerAttackBecome a boosted attack every third attack. At long range, a boosted attack deals increased damage to enemies and decreases their movement speed for a short time. At close range, a boosted attack deals more damage the lower the enemies remaining HP is.

Snorlax Passive Ability

Pokemon Unite Greninja Move: Gluttony - zilliongamerGluttonyIncreases the effects gained from eating Berries.

Snorlax First Move

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Tackle - zilliongamerTackle
Dash (6s)
Charge forward belly first, dealing damage when it hits and shoving the first enemy it comes in contact with. After this move, the user's next basic attack becomes a boosted attack.
Upgrade Choices (Level 6)
Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Heavy Slam - zilliongamerHeavy Slam
Dash (7s)

Has the user slam its heavy body down, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect and throwing them.

Level 12: Increased damage.

Pokemon Unite Greninja Move: Flail - zilliongamerFlail
Hindrance (6.5s)

Has the user flail about, increasing the user's basic attack damage the lower the user's HP is.

Level 12: Increased damage. If the user has low HP while using this move, its basic attacks that hit enemies will restore the user's HP.

Snorlax Second Move

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Rest - zilliongamerRest
Hindrance (10s)
Has the user fall asleep on the spot and restores its HP. Blocks the movement of all enemies while this move is in effect.
Upgrade Choices (Level 8)
Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Block - zilliongamerBlock
Hindrance (11s)

Has the user spread its arms wide to create a wall and grants it a shield. Prevents enemies from passing through the wall and shoves them if they run into it.

Level 14: Reduces the damage the user receives while this move is in effect.

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Yawn - zilliongamerYawn
Hindrance (12s)

Has the user let loose a huge yawn that lulls enemies into a sleepy haze, putting enemies hit by this move to sleep.

Level 14: Decrease the movement speed of enemies for a short time when this move hits.

Snorlax Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Move: Power Nap - zilliongamerPower Nap
Go to sleep and begin snoring, dealing damage over time to enemies in the area of effect and throw them. While sleeping, become immune to hindrances and continually restore HP.

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