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Slowbro Stats & Evolution

Pokemon Unite Slowbro Stats - zilliongamer

Slowbro is a range defender Pokémon in Pokemon Unite. That has excellent endurance, a very good support for attacker with slow mobility, and 2 evolutions.

Slowbro Stats

Offense:3 / 10
Endurance:8 / 10
Mobility:3 / 10
Scoring:3 / 10
Support:8 / 10
Total:25 / 50

Slowbro Evolution

In Pokémon Unite Slowbro evolves as Slowpoke starting at level 1 then evolves into Slowbro when you reach level 4.

Slowbro Builds

Best Moves for Slowbro

Pokemon Unite Greninja Move: Water Gun - zilliongamerWater Gun
Pokemon Unite Greninja Move: Slack Off - zilliongamerSlack Off
Pokemon Unite Greninja Move: Surf - zilliongamerSurf
Pokemon Unite Greninja Move: Telekinesis - zilliongamerTelekinesis

The best Slowbro build in Pokémon Unite start with Water Gun & Slack Off then upgrade to Surf (lv.4) & Telekinesis (lv.6).

Level 1 to 3 Strategies: You can use Water Gun to harass enemy pokemon the longer use does more damage, and Slack off to regenerate health when out of combat.

Level 4 to Level 6 Strategies: You can knock up mulitple enemy pokemon in front of you with Surf, and Telekinesis to make enemy pokemon float if used again, will pull the enemy toward Slowbro.

Best Items for Slowbro

Held Items
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Leftovers | zilliongamerLeftoversWhen not in combat, your Pokémon health recovers over time.
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Focus Band | zilliongamerFocus BandRecovers health for a short period when Pokémon HP is low by taken damage.
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Assault Vest | zilliongamerAssault VestOutside of combat raised Pokémon HP and Shield against Special attack damage.
Battle Item
Pokemon Unite Battle Items: Eject Button | zilliongamerEject Button

Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction.

Cooldown: 55s

Best Synergies for Slowbro

Lane Synergies
Pokémon UNITE Roster: Cinderace - zilliongamerCinderacePokémon UNITE Roster: Alolan Ninetales - zilliongamerAlolan NinetalesPokémon UNITE Roster: Eldegoss - zilliongamerEldegoss
Combat Synergies
Pokémon UNITE Roster: TalonFlame - zilliongamerTalon FlamePokémon UNITE Roster: Pikachu - zilliongamerPikachuPokémon UNITE Roster: Machamp - zilliongamerMachamp

Slowbro Move List

Slowbro Basic Attack

Pokemon Unite Pikachu Attack Effect - zilliongamerAttackBecomes a boosted attack with every third attack. When this boosted attack hits, deal damage to nearby opposing Pokémon and decrease their movement speed.

Slowbro Passive Ability

Pokemon Unite Pikachu Passive: Oblivious - zilliongamerObliviousWhen Slowbro receives damage, the HP loss is gradual. When damaging an opponent with a move, restore some of the remaining gradual HP loss and decrease the target's Sp. Defense.

Slowbro First Move

Pokemon Unite Greninja Move: Water Gun - zilliongamerWater Gun
Melee (5s)
Slowbro channels a fierce stream of water which deals damage and lowers movement speed. Increase the area of effect and damage the longer this move is channeled..
Upgrade Choices (Level 4)
Pokemon Unite Pikachu Passive: Scald - zilliongamerScald
Melee (5s)

Deal damage to opposing Pokémon and create steam when it hits. Opposing Pokémon inside the steam's area are left burned and have their movement speed decreased.

Level 11: Increased area of effect.

Pokemon Unite Pikachu Passive: Surf - zilliongamerSurf
Dash (9s)

Charge forward on a wave, dealing damage in an area and knock opponents back. This is followed by two more waves that deal damage and decrease enemy movement speed.

Level 11: The second and third waves become larger and also knock enemies back like the firt wave.

Slowbro Second Move

Pokemon Unite Greninja Move: Slack Off - zilliongamerSlack Off
Recovery (11s)
Lay down and take a rest, continuously regaining health. Damage taken will reduce the recovery effect.
Upgrade Choices (Level 6)
Pokemon Unite Pikachu Passive: Amnesia - zilliongamerAmnesia
Recovery (13s)

Nullify some damage before it takes effect. For a short time after using this move, become immune to hindrances and gain increased defense. Also increase the damage dealt by the next use of Scald or Surf.

Level 13: Increases Sp. Attack.

Pokemon Unite Pikachu Passive: Telekinesis - zilliongamerTelekinesis
Hindrance (11s)

Make opposing Pokémon float with psychic power. If used again, pull the opposing Pokémon toward the user.

Level 13: Increased range and firing speed.

Slowbro Unite Move

Pokémon Unite Slowbro Move: Slowbeam - zilliongamerSlowbeam
Stare at an enemy and attack continually, dealing damage and rooting them. Grants a shield and makes the user immune to hindrances while using this move.

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