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Machamp Stats & Evolution

Pokemon Unite Machamp Stats - zilliongamer

In Pokemon Unite Machamp is a melee All-Rounder Character in Pokemon Unite. Machamp has a very good offense, average endurance, mobility, and scoring stats, but has very low support.

Machamp Stats

Offense:8 / 10
Endurance:5 / 10
Mobility:5 / 10
Scoring:5 / 10
Support:2 / 10
Total:25 / 50

Machamp Evolution

In Pokemon Unite Machamp evolves as Machop starting at level 1 then evolves into Machoke when you reach level 5, and its final evolution is Machamp at level 9.

Machamp Builds

Best Moves for Machamp

Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Karate Chop - zilliongamerKarate Chop
Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Bulk Up - zilliongamerBulk Up
Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Close Combat - zilliongamerClose Combat
Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Submission- zilliongamerSubmission

The best machamp build in Pokemon Unite start with Karate Chop & Bulk Up then upgrade to Close Combat (Level 5) & Dynamic Punch (Level 7).

From Level 1 to 3 Strategies: You can use Karate Chop to deal attack damage to the enemy. Then use Bulk up to increase attack speed & movement speed.

From Level 5 to 7 Strategies: You can deal great damage with Close Combat. And you can jump to the enemy and deal more attack damage, critical hit, and attack speed with Submission.

Best Items for Machamp

Held Items
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Float Stone | zilliongamerFloat Stone

Increases Attack Damage and gives your Pokemon more movement speed when out of combat.

Attack Damage: 24

Movement Speed: 120

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Scope Lens | zilliongamerScope Lens

Increases Critical-hit damage and Critical-hit chance.

Critical Hit Damage: +12%

Critical Hit Chance: +6%

Pokemon Unite Held Items: Muscle Band | zilliongamerMuscle Band

Provides Extra attack speed and damage of basic attacks.

Attack Damage: +15

Attack Speed: 7.5%

Battle Item
Pokemon Unite Battle Items: Eject Button | zilliongamerEject Button

Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction.

Cooldown: 55s

Best Synergies for Machamp

Lane Synergies
Pokémon UNITE Roster: Eldegoss - zilliongamerEldegossPokémon UNITE Roster: Mr. Mime - zilliongamerMr.MimePokémon UNITE Roster: Wigglytuff - zilliongamerWigglytuff
Pokémon UNITE Roster: Pikachu - zilliongamerPikachuPokémon UNITE Roster: Alolan Ninetales - zilliongamerAlolan NinetalesPokémon UNITE Roster: Slowbro - zilliongamerSlowbro

Machamp Moves List

Machamp Basic Attack

Pokemon Unite Attack Effect - zilliongamerAttackBecomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage when it hits. This boosted attack also decreases the movement speed of enemies for a short time.

Machamp Passive Ability

Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Guts - zilliongamerGutsIncreases Attack when afflicted by a status condition.

Machamp First Move

Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Karate Chop - zilliongamerKarate Chop
Melee (6s)
Attack opposing Pokemon with a sharp chop.
Upgrade Choices (Level 7)
Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Close Combat- zilliongamerClose Combat
Melee (6s)

Unleash a series of punches in the designated direction, dealing increased damage with the last punch. The user can move while using this move becomes immune to hindrances.

Level 13: Deals increased damage to enemies that are afflicted by a status condition.

Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Cross Chop- zilliongamerCross Chop
Dash (6s)

Has the user deliver a double chop with forearms crossed while dashing forward. This increases the user's critical-hit rate.

Level 13: Increases Attack with each basic attack, up to a set max.

Machamp Second Move

Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Bulk Up- zilliongamerBulk Up
Buff (9s)
Become immune to hindrances for a short time. Increases movement speed, basic attack speed, and Attack. The next basic attack also becomes a boosted attack.
Upgrade Choices (Level 5)
Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Dynamic Punch- zilliongamerDynamic Punch
Dash (8s)

Jump to the designated location, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect (AOE) leaving them unable to act when it hits. After using this move, the user becomes immune to hindrances, their movement speed and basic attack speed are increased. The next basic attack becomes a boosted attack.

Level 11: Increased Attack and movement speed. 

Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Submission- zilliongamerSubmission
Hindrance (11s)

Increases movement speed and become immune to hindrances. When the next basic attack hits, the attack deals increased damage and slams the enemy onto the ground, leaving it unable to act. Once this move ends, the user's critical-hit rate and basic attack speed are increased for a short time.

Level 11: Increased critical-hit rate and basic attack speed.

Machamp Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Machamp Move: Barrage Blow - zilliongamerBarrage Blow
Increases the user's movement speed, Attack, Defense, and SP, Defense for a short time. If used again, unleash a combo attack, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect (AOE) and shoving them. The final blow deals an especially large amount of damage.

End of Machamp Guides.

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