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Absol Stats & Evolution

Pokemon Unite Absol Stats - zilliongamer

Absol is a speedster Pokémon in Pokemon Unite that specialized in melee attacks with fast mobility and high offense. Absol has no evolutions.

Absol Stats


Absol Evolution

In Pokemon Unite, Absol doesn't have evolutions.

Absol Builds

Best Moves for Absol

Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Feint - zilliongamerFeint
Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Slash - zilliongamerSlash
Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Pursuit - zilliongamerPursuit
Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Psycho Cut - zilliongamerPsycho Cut

The best Absol build in Pokemon Unite start with Feint & Slash then upgrade to Pursuit (Lv.5) and Psycho Cut (Lv.7).

Level 1 to Level 4 Strategies: Use Feint to engage then use Slash to deal damage while critical hit rate increased.

Level 5 to Level 7 Strategies: Use Psycho Cut to slow down the enemy's movement speed then use Pursuit to engage and attack from behind the enemy to get damage increased and move's cooldown.

Best Items for Absol

Held Items
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Attack Weight | ziiliongamerAttack WeightWhen the Absol scores a goal, its Attack increased.
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Float Stone | zilliongamerFloat StoneIncreases movement speed by 10% when Absol is not in combat.
Pokemon Unite Held Items: Scope Lens | zilliongamerScope LensIncreases the damage of basic attack critical hits
The higher the Pokémon's Attack, the more damage increases.
Battle Item
Pokemon Unite Battle Items: X-Attack | zilliongamerX-Attack

Raise Absol Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time.

Cooldown: 40s

Best Synergies for Absol

Pokemon UNITE Roster: Eldegoss - zilliongamerEldegossPokemon UNITE Roster: Lucario - zilliongamerLucarioPokemon UNITE Roster: Ninetales - zilliongamerNinetales
Pokemon UNITE Roster: Snorlax - zilliongamerSnorlaxPokemon UNITE Roster: Wigglytuff - zilliongamerWigglytuff 

Absol Moves List

Absol Basic Attack

Pokemon Unite Attack Effect - zilliongamerAttackBecomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing damage to enemies and lowering their Defense when it hits. If this boosted attack hits only a single target, it deals increased damage.

Absol Passive Ability

Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Super Luck - zilliongamerSuper LuckIncreased critical-hit rate.

Absol First Move

Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Feint - zilliongamerFeint
Dash (8s)
Dash in an arc, attacking enemies that come in contact with Absol. This move ignores the defense stat and shield effects of enemies.
Upgrade Choice (Level 5)
Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Night Slash - zilliongamerNight Slash
Dash (5s)

Dash in an outward arc, dealing damage to enemies. If this first attack hits, a second attack can also be performed. The second attack has the user dash straight ahead, dealing damage to enemies and increasing the user's critical-hit rate. The lower the enemies HP, the more the user's critical-hit rate is increased.

Level 11: Using this move again will restore the user's HP.

Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Pursuit - zilliongamerPursuit
Dash (5s)

Dash to the designed location and quickly charge an enemy with the next basic attack. If the basic attack lands from behind, its damage is increased and this move's cooldown is reduced.

Level 11: Increased movement speed.

Absol Second Move

Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Slash - zilliongamerSlash
Melee (6s)
Slash with sharp claws in front of the user, increasing this move's critical-hit rate.
Upgrade Choice (Level 7)
Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Sucker Punch - zilliongamerSucker Punch
Hindrance (7s)

Look for an opening to attack an enemy, decreasing the movement speed of the user and the target enemy for the duration. After a short time, charge forward to attack the enemy. However, if the user receives damage or gets attacked before it charges, attacks immediately and shove the enemy.

Level 13: Increases basic attack speed for a short time when this move hits.

Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Psycho Cut - zilliongamerPsycho Cut
Melee (7s)

Attack with blades formed by psychic power that decrease the movement speed of enemies for a short time when this move hits. Also increases basic attack damage dealt to the affected enemy for up to 3 attacks after this move hits.

Level 13: Also increases movement speed for a short time when the user gets close to the enemy that this move hit.

Absol Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Absol Move: Midnight Slash - zilliongamerMidnight Slash
Unleashes a flurry of slashes in front of the user. This move ends by unleashing powerful blades of energy, dealing increased damage to enemies and shove them.

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