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Welcome to Pokemon Masters Beginner Information & Guide. Here you can learn how to play Pokemon Masters and browse all the useful and important information for Pokemon Masters starter.

Starter Information For Beginner

You will be starting with your own character that you've created and Pikachu. From there you will be introducing into the island of Pasio the world of Pokemon Masters. Now you will be registered to compete in the Pokemon Masters League. From there you will get a Poryphone.

A Poryphone is a multi-purpose information device that stores everything that you need such as Missions, Friends, Bag, Dex, Settings, and more.

Poryphone | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

After that, you will be introduced to your first teammates: Brock & Misty and their own Pokemon.

You, Brock, and Misty | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

The journey begins from there, you, brock, and misty will start the main story.

How To Play Pokemon Masters?

Typical battles in Pokemon Masters are fought in teams of 3 on 3, and you will control each of your three teammates. Start by tapping on your Pokemon ability to attack the enemy. Target your enemy to decide which one to attack first.

Use Sync move when available. Sync move is a special ability of your pokemon. It deals more damage and also shows special effects.

Typical Battles | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

Move gauge is important because it shows how many moves you can use before it runs out. Using moves will deplete your move gauge. You can see your move gauge at the bottom of the screen.

Move Gauge | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

Each enemy Pokemon has its own weakness type and so do you. Use the correct type to deal double damage to your enemy weakness Pokemon.

Weakness | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

You can see the enemy Pokemon weakness type on top of the screen or before entering the game.

What is Sync Pair?

Sync Pair is a well-known word in Pokemon Masters and other Pokemon series. It defines a pair of You and your Pokemon. Together is call Sync Pair. In Pokemon Masters, the default sync pair is you and Pikachu. 

You & Pikachu - Sync Pair | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

However, there are a lot of sync pairs that you will be able to unlock once you play the main story. Or you can use unlock by using Sync Pair Scout. Don't forget to level up your sync pair to become stronger in the Pokemon Masters League.

Learn To Level Up Your Sync Pair

In Pokemon Masters, Leveling up your sync pair is important because your pokemon will become stronger and deal more damage to an enemy. Your Sync Pair will eventually level up once you win the battle.

Level Up Sync Pair | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

However, If you want to rush and level up your character faster there is also an alternate way by going to team ⇒ level up after that you will see all of the sync pairs you have. Click on the sync pair that you want to level up. You will require an item call Level-Up Manual. 

Level Up Manual | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

The more you use the level-up manual the higher your sync pair level up but if your sync pair is winning a battle you don't need to rush it. Save it for when you lost the battle.

How To Unlock Moves & Skills For Sync Pair?

Moves & Skills in an important element in Pokemon Masters. Each Sync Pair has 4 moves and 3 Passive skills. You will need the required items in other to learn moves or passive skills.

Moves and Passive Skills allow your Pokemon to deal damage, heal, raise sp. atk, sp. def and more. During the battle, if you have fewer moves and skills it gonna be hard to fight against your enemy.

Move & Skills | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

In other to learn or unlock moves & skills you need to go to Team ⇒ Move & Skills.

Then you will see all the sync pairs that you have. Pick the one that you need to unlock. You will see items required to unlock like in the image above. Click on Passive skill located close to Move to see the passive skill and items required.

Guide To Exchange Items

Exchange Items help you to get the item that you need faster. You will need to have a lot of items in other to exchange for 1 item. Items can be exchanged by coins, gems, or the same item but higher quality.

Item Exchange | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

Exchange Items by going to: Shop ⇒ Item Exchange. You will see all the items that can be exchanged. Some items have a limited day before it is no longer exchangeable.

Time To Form Your Team

A Team consisting of 3 Sync Pair combining together. You will need a team to compete in a Pokemon Masters League. Forming a team will give you more strength, more move and skills, and overall power. Your default team is You, Brock, and Misty.

You can edit your team to get more potential or to get more power against your enemy. Try to mess with it a lot because you can't keep using 1 exact team forever.

Edit Team | Pokemon Masters - zilliongamer

To Edit your team go to Team ⇒ Edit Team then choose 1 sync pair that you need to replace. Or you can create a new preset by tapping on the Preset Team to have a whole new team that you can use from your sync pair dex.

After having a team full of potential and damage that you think it is good to battle against other enemies. It is time for you to start your journey.

Author's Conclusion

Pokemon Masters require a lot of time to play and grind in other to get items that can level up your sync pair and make them stronger and stronger. I hope this guide can solve some of your doubts when losing to your enemy in Pokemon Masters.


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