The Best Gun in Omega Legends Tier List

Find out the best gun to use in Omega Legends and the Tier list detail here.

Omega Legends Best Gun Tier List

TiertWeapon name
SAK74, AWM, UTS-15, Vector, RPG
ASCAR-L, M24, UMP-45, E-1 EM Gun
BM4, G36, M249, Model 686
CP90, Mk 14 EBR, S12K

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Best Gun in Omega Legends | zilliongamer

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Best Guns To Use in Omega Legends

As already shown in Tier list, the best gun in Omega Legends are AK74, AWM, UTS-15, Vector, and RPG. Each gun has their own specialty in term of Range and Recoil stability.


AK74 | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

AK74 is the best gun in Omega Legends, this gun deal 30 damage and 89 to the head, making it the most lethal gun to use in Mid to Long range combat.

The recoil of AK74 is moderate, it has a little kick vertically and require good recoil control skill to connect the shots.


AWM | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

AWM is the best Sniper rifle in Omega Legends, this gun has very high base attack damage with 179 to the body and up to 200 for a headshot. AWM really shine when the range is between Mid and Long range.

AWM is a single shot weapon so it is require your to have precise aim to hit your shot.


UTS-15 | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

UTS-15 is the best Shotgun in Omega Legends that can 2 shot the target in extreme close range combat. The UTS-15 can deal up to 225 damage if all the shots hit.

UTS-15 is single shot weapon so it will require you to have precise aim to hit your shot.


Vector | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

Vector is the best Submachine gun in Omega Legends that gun can deal up to 15 damage and 26 damage to the head, although it has decent damage but it has the fastest fire rate and stability among other smg.

The recoil of Vector is controllable, and the time to kill of this gun is very fast.


RPG | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

RPG is the best special weapon in Omega Legends, this gun can deal up to 200 damage with the accuracy of 55 that explode when hit, the prime range for RPG is really accurate in close to medium range.

The Perfect Loadout in Omega Legends

AK74, UTS-15, RPG

This loadout is for Veteran that have experience in Omega Legends and know the basic recoil control. Having AK74 can secure your Mid to Long range kill while relying on RPG or UTS-15 to get close range elimination.


If you can't handle AK74 recoil, SCAR-L is your primary gun to use instead, this gun has low recoil and also great for range teamfight. The secondary will be the UTS-15 to eliminate the enemy in close range while the AWM can secure very long range takedown.

SCAR-L, Vector, AWM

If you don't like using Shotgun you can replace UTS-15 with Vector, it is also a very fast killing submachine gun that can secure elimination in close range as well.

Vector, UTS-15, AK74

This loadout is perfect for Close range aggressive players who like to take the fight most of the time in close quarter combat. The Vector can work as an auto for Close to mid range while UTS-15 can secure kill in extreme close range and having AK74 as an alternative just because it has the highest damage output.


In conclusion, The best gun in Omega Legends are weapon that deal high damage and is really good to use and compatible with varieties of range with good recoil control.

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