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RPG Overview

RPG | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

RPG is in Special weapon class of Omega Legends that can deal very high attack damage, with good accuracy, and and good stability when firing. The RPG is good for Close to Medium range combat.

RPG Stats

The stats of RPG are taken from Legendary version of the gun.

Fire Rate:9
Ammo Capacity:10
Ammo Type:Rocket Ammo | Omega Legends | zilliongamerRocket Ammo

Mods Guide - The Best Mod for RPG

The RPG did not support any Mod as of right now.

RPG Skins - Rarity, Price, & How To Get

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RPG - Orion 07

RPG Orion 07 | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

Rarity: Epic.
Price: Not Available.
How to get RPG - Orion 07: Not Available.

RPG - Camouflage

RPG Camouflage | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

Rarity: Rare.
Price: Not Available.
How to get RPG - Camouflage: You can get this skin in Elite Chest.

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