Omega Legends Special Weapon List

Find Omega Legends Special Weapon list here featuring weapon stats, and guides on how to use here.

There are 2 weapons in Special Weapon class of Omega Legends such as: RPG and E-1 EM Gun.

Special Weapon List

Note: The stats are based of Legendary versions of all weapons.

NameDamageFiring Modes
RPG | Omega Legends | zilliongamerRPG200Single Shot
E-1 EM Gun | Omega Legends | zilliongamer E-1 EM Gun200Single Shot

Special Weapon Guide

Very High Damage: Special Weapon has insanely high damage output, however you will need precise aim to hit the target.

Destroying Armor: Special Weapon is very effective when using it to destroy the target Armor. With 1 shot, it can eliminate all Legendary Armor.

Single Shot: When using Special Weapon, every shot count. You don't want to miss a shot because it took long time to reload.

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