Omega Legends Sniper Rifle Weapon List

Find Omega Legends Sniper Rifle list here featuring weapon stats, and guides on how to use here.

There are 3 weapons in Sniper Rifle class of Omega Legends such as: Mk 14 EBR, M24, and AWM.

Sniper Rifle List

Note: The stats are based of Legendary versions of all weapons.

NameDamageFiring Modes
AWM | Omega Legends | zilliongamerAWM

Head: 200

Body: 179

Single Shot
M24 | Omega Legends | zilliongamerM24

Head: 200

Body: 130

Single Shot
Mk 14 EBR | Omega Legends | zilliongamerMk 14 EBR

Head: 88

Body: 43


Sniper Rifle Guides

Long Range: It is very effective when using Sniper Rifle for eliminating the target in long range.

Single Shot: M21 and AWM take a while to reload, make sure your shot are accurate and try to miss less.

Very High Headshot Damage: When using AWM and M24, Headshot is very lethal, Always try to hit the target head to take them out quick.

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