Omega Legends Pistol Weapon List

Find Omega Legends Pistol list here featuring weapon stats, and guides on how to use here.

There are 2 weapons in Pistol class of Omega Legends such as: G21 and Model 686.

Pistol List

Note: The stats are based of Legendary versions of all weapons.

NameDamageFiring Modes
Model 686 | Omega Legends | zilliongamerModel 686

Head: 125

Body: 50

Single Shot
G21 | Omega Legends | zilliongamerG21

Head: 32

Body: 16

Single Shot

Pistol Guides

Close Range: Pistol is very effective to use in close range combat. Especially during Early Drop landing.

Early Gameplay: Once you drop down to the load area, try to find at least a pistol because it is better than having nothing, you can use Pistol to eliminate enemy as well thanks to the decent damage.

Decent Damage: Pistol have decent damage that you can use to take out the enemy especially those who have no armor, they can go down quick.

Single Shot: Take note that you can't hold to fire when using Pistol, you have to precisely aim to hit the enemy.

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