Omega Legends Light Machine Gun Weapon List

Find Omega Legends Light Machine Gun list here featuring Weapon stats, and guides on how to use it.

There are 1 weapon in Light Machine Gun which is the M249.

Light Machine Gun List

Note: The Stats are based of Legendary versions of the weapon.

NameDamageFiring Modes
M249 | Omega Legends | zilliongamerM249

Head: 53

Body: 22

Full Auto

Light Machine Gun Guides

Lay Suppressing Fire: Use Light Machine Gun to provide fire support for your teammate.

High Ammo Capacity: The LMGs has up to 100 ammo per magazine, so you don't need to reload it after shooting 20 or 30 ammo.

Close / Mid Range: The effective range to use Light Machine Gun are Close and Middle range, however close range are the prime in term of actually hitting the enemy.

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