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AWM Overview

AWM | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

AWM is in Sniper Rifle class of Omega Legends that has the highest damage output among all Snipers with great accuracy but a little recoil kick when firing. AWM prime range is from Medium to Long range.

AWM Stats

The stats of AWM are taken from Legendary version of the gun.

Damage:179 / 200
Fire Rate:1
Ammo Capacity:5
Ammo Type:300WM Ammo | Omega Legends | zilliongamer300WM Ammo

Mods Guide - The Best Mod for AWM

Sniper Rifle Aim Mod | Omega Legends | zilliongamerSniper Rifle Aim ModIncreases Scope in Speed by 45%.
Sniper Rifle Stabilizer | Omega Legends | zilliongamerSniper Rifle StabilizerReduces Recoil by 45%.
Sniper Rifle Accelerator | Omega Legends | zilliongamerSniper Rifle AcceleratorIncreases Fire Rate by 45%.

Weapon Mods List

What is the Best Mod to upgrade first on AWM?

The best mod to upgrade on AWM first is the Aim mod since it boost your Scope in speed and it is the highest recommended mod to priority, following with the Stabilizer, and Accelerator.

What is the Best Universal Mod to use on AWM?

As of right now, there are no Universal Mod that can support AWM. Maybe the future update there will be one.

AWM Skins - Rarity, Price, & How To Get

Find all AWM skin in Omega Legends here featuring weapon rarity, price, and how to get it.

AWM - Advent

AWM Advent | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

Rarity: Legendary.
Price: 500 Gold.
How to get AWM - Advent: You can get this skin in Shop.

AWM - Galaxy

AWM Galaxy | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

Rarity: Epic.
Price: Not Available.
How t get AWM - Galaxy: You can get this skin in Elite Chest.

AWM - Gazer

AWM Gazer | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

Rarity: Epic.
Price: 150 Gold.
How to get AWM - Gazer: You can get this skin in Shop.

AWM - Blue Lightning

AWM Blue Lightning | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

Rarity: Epic.
Price: Not Available.
How to get AWM - Blue Lightning: Not Available.

AWM - Jungle

AWM Jungle | Omega Legends | zilliongamer

Rarity: Rare.
Price: Not Available.
How to get AWM - Jungle: Not Available.

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