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Characters List

Omega Legends Zero Character | zilliongamerZeroZero is a Bionic Scout character with abilities of Revealing enemies, and Position a magnetic field dealing constant damage.
Omega Legends Aurora Character | zilliongamerAuroraAurora is a Healer character with abilities of Boosting teammate movement speed and extra shields and Healing station.
Omega Legends Capt.Jericho Character | zilliongamerCapt.JerichoCapt.Jericho is a Defender character with abilities of Energy barrier, and Removes buffs from all enemies.
Omega Legends Haxx Character | zilliongamerHaxxHax is a Tactician character with abilities of Invulnerable and Teleportation and restore HP and Shield.
Omega Legends Ironfist Character | zilliongamerIronfistIronfist is an Engineer character with abilities of Deploying a bouncing device and Creates protective defend wall.
Omega Legends Specter Character | zilliongamerSpecterSpecter is an Assassin character with abilities of Invincible and Deploys Light-bending lenses to attain near-invisiability.
Omega Legends Windchaser Character | zilliongamerWindchaserWindchaser is a Striker character with abilities that can Launch straight into the air, and Launch in the direction of aiming.

Weapons List

Omega Legends Assault Rifle List | zilliongamerAssault Rifle ListAssault Rifle has high attack damage, fast fire rate, and can use for Close / Mid / Long range.
Omega Legends Sniper Rifle List | zilliongamerSniper Rifle ListSniper Rifle has very high attack damage and is very powerful to use in Mid / Long range.
Omega Legends Submachine Gun List | zilliongamerSubmachine Gun ListSubmachine Gun has high attack damage, very fast fire rate, and good to for Close range combat.
Omega Legends Shotgun List | zilliongamerShotgun ListShotgun has very high attack damage and is very powerful to use in Close range but require consistent aim.
Omega Legends Light Machine Gun List | zilliongamerLight Machine Gun ListLight Machine Gun has good attack damage, very fast fire rate, and good to use in Close / Mid range.
Omega Legends Special Weapon List | zilliongamerSpecial Weapon ListSpecial Weapon has extremely high attack damage, but it only strong in close range and require good aim to hit the shot.
Omega Legends Pistol List | zilliongamerPistol ListPistol is an alternative weapon that has good attack damage and can use in close range with fast fire rate.
Omega Legends Cold Weapon List | zilliongamerCold Weapon ListCold Weapon is a melee weapon that deal good damage.

Game Information

Omega Legends Trailer

Omega Legends is a Battle Royale game that featuring Futuristic combat style with Character picking and varieties of Weapons to use.

GenreBattle Royale

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