Pubg mobile 0.5.0 major update


In this update on PUBG MOBILE will change player to an extreme new atmoshphere. 

Update Size: 1.20GB
Version: 0.5.0
Update detail:

New Map name "MIRAMAR"



Mirarmar is a Huge Desert Map that provide less water but land and mountain, Slope, Hill and lots of City. 

3 New weapons

Win 95: A Strong hunting rifle no scope attachable rocking .45acp bullet type. 


R85: A new sidearm pistol can be found around looting area and also rocking .45acp bullet type.


Sawed off: An effective close range sidearm pistol rocking 12 gauge ammo type that can melt enemies with 2 shot point blank.

sawed off

Overall Update note

Desert Map ("Mirarmar") is now available for selection.
- Added local quick team feature enter 6 digit code to team up with  friends that are next to you.
-Added Synergy and connections: interact with your friends in game to raise Synergy, then buuild connections when your synergy is high enough.
-Added Regions: now you can choose your region and flag.
-Added a Secret Stash where you can purchase special discounted items.
-Added 3 new weapons: Win96 R85 and Sawed off.