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MHA Ultra Impact Buffs List

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Auto Heal.

Auto Heal

Heals HP at the end of each turn.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Barrier.


Nullifies damage taken.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Blind Resistance.

Blind Resistance

Resistant to Burn and Bleed Effects.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Camouflage.


Attacks that are not Plus Ultra attacks have a medium chance of missing.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Counter.


When attacked, unit will counter with a normal attack (Counter does not trigger on skills or Plus Ultra attacks).

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Critical Rate Increase.

Critical Rate Increase

Increase Critical Rate.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Damage Cut.

Damage Cut

Reduces damage received.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Defense Increase.

Defense Increase

Increase Defense.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Double Tap.

Double Tap

Perform a second normal attack.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Double Tap Damage Increase.

Double Tap Damage Increase

Increase Double Tap Damage.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Evasion.


Dodge all attacks.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Grit.


HP will never go below 1.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Heavy.


Power increases the higher your HP.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Hide.


Cannot be targeted by attacks.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: High Field.

High Field

Plus Ultra Gauge fills up to 50% faster.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Max HP Increase.

Max HP Increase

Increases Max HP.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Mirror.


Apply whatever debuff you were attacked with to the opponent.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Plus Ultra Gauge Increase.

Plus Ultra Gauge Increase

Increase Plus Ultra gauge.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Power Increase.

Power Increase

Increases Power.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Plus Ultra Gauge Decrease Prevention.

Plus Ultra Gauge Decrease Prevention

Prevents Plus Ultra gauge decrease.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Reverse.


Power increases the lower your HP.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Skill Damage Increase.

Skill Damage Increase

Increases Skills damage.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Speed Increase.

Speed Increase

Increases Speed.

Hero Ultra Impact Buffs: Taunt.


All enemies attacks are redirected towards unit 

MHA Ultra Impact Debuffs List

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Bleed.


Inflicts certain amount of damage when afflicted.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Blind Resistance Decrease.

Blind Resistance Decrease

Decreases resistance to Blind affliction.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Blind.


Attacks have a chance of missing (Plus Ultra attacks are not affected)

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Burn.


Burn characters take 5% damage over time.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Confusion.


Attacks randomly attack enemies, allies, or miss.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Constraint.


Cannot perform any action (If unit that causes Constraint is defeated, Constraint will be removed)

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Critical Rate Decrease.

Critical Rate Decrease

Decreases Critical Rate

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Defense Decrease.

Defense Decrease

Decreases Defense

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Power Decrease.

Power Decrease

Decreases Power

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Speed Decrease.

Speed Decrease

Decreases Speed

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Double Tap Damage Decrease.

Double Tap Damage Decrease

Decreases Double Tap Damage

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Fear.


If HP is 50% or less, high chance for unit to not perform any actions.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Flesh Constraint.

Flesh Constraint

Cannot perform any action until unit that caused it is defeated. Additionally,  chances of getting Flesh Constraint are higher the less SPD the unit has.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Freeze.


Cannot perform any action. Next attack has 100% to be crit towards Frozen units.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Infatuation.


Cannot perform any action against enemy if they are of the opposite gender.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Paralyze.


Cannot perform any action.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Max HP Decrease.

Max HP Decrease

Decreases Max HP.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Plus Ultra Gauge Decrease.

Plus Ultra Gauge Decrease

Decreases Plus Ultra Gauge.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Plus Ultra Seal.

Plus Ultra Seal

Prevents user from using Plus Ultra Skill.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Plus Ultra Gauge Increase Prevention.

Plus Ultra Gauge Increase Prevention

Prevents user's Plus Ultra gauge from increasing.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Skill Damage Decrease.

Skill Damage Decrease

Decreases the user's Skill damage.

Hero Ultra Impact Debuffs: Skill Seal.

Skill Seal

Prevents user from using skills.

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