Serving Darkness Kurogiri

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Serving Darkness Kurogiri Stats | My Hero Ultra Impact - zilliongamer

Note: This is just an Lv.1 stat of this hero, The stats will change depending on the higher level you get.

HP3369 (+ 0/5000)TBD
Power545 (+ 0/ 1.000)TBD
Speed60 (+ 0/ 100)TBD
Crit Rate15TBD


Plus Ultra Move
Warp Gate (PU) | Plus Ultra Move - zilliongamer
Warp Gate (PU)
Deal 350% damage to a single opponent. Also gives character ability to evade 1 time.
Action Skill

Warp Gate | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Warp Gate

Deal 200% damage to a single opponent. Also gives character ability to evade 1 time.

Cooldown Time: 6 Turn(s) 

Action Skill
Forced Warp Gate | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Forced Warp Gate

Shortens a single ally's cooldown by 2. Also decreases speed of a single opponent by 10% for 3 turns when used in a successfully executed skill chain.

Cooldown Time: 6 Turn(s)

Auto Skill
League of Villains Officer | Auto Skill All - zilliongamer
League of Villains Officer
Increases Max HP of all ally League of Villains characters by 10%.
Auto Skill
Transfer | Auto Skill - zilliongamer
Increases character's speed by 25% when character has ability to evade.


Serving Darkness Kurogiri Background: A villain who acts as a counselor in his dealings with Shigaraki. Kurogiri has Quirk called Warp Gate it allows him to use his body to connect two points in space and transfer anything between them.

Villain NameKurogiri
AffLeague of Villains
QuirkWarp Gate

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