Rising Rebellion Muscular

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Rising Rebellion Muscular Stats | My Hero Ultra Impact - zilliongamer

Note: This is just an Lv.1 stat of this hero, The stats will change depending on the higher level you get.

HP3520 (+ 0/5000)TBD
Power887 (+ 0/ 1.000)TBD
Speed49 (+ 0/ 100)TBD
Crit Rate10TBD


Plus Ultra Move
Spill Your Blood For Me! (PU) | Plus Ultra Move - zilliongamer
Spill Your Blood For Me! (PU)

Deal 350% damage to a single opponent. Low chance of causing the opponent to bleed for 3 turns. Also increases character's power by 30% for 3 turns.

Action Skill

I'll Crush You! | Action Skill - zilliongamer
I'll Crush You!

Deal 200% damage to a single opponent. Also increases character's power by 25% for 3 turns.

Cooldown Time: 4 Turn(s) 

Action Skill
Let's Have Some Fun | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Let's Have Some Fun

Gives character ability to draw aggro for 2 turns. Also reduces damage to character by 20% for 2 turns.

Cooldown Time: 6 Turn(s)

Auto Skill
Battle Mania | Auto Skill All - zilliongamer
Battle Mania
Gives character a barrier that nullifies 2 hits when battle starts. Also increases character's critical hit rate 5% for every critical attack they receive, up to 5 times.
Auto Skill
Bloodthirsty | Auto Skill - zilliongamer
Increases character's power by 5% for every attack they receive, up to 5 times.


Rising Rebellion Muscular Background: A villain with a distinctive artificial eye and a member of the League of Villains. Muscular uses his Quirk as he pleases, hurting anyone in his way, earing him the ability to grow muscles all around his body, which he uses to attack with fierce power and speed.

Villain NameMuscular
AffLeague of Villains
QuirkMuscles Augmentation

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