Wild Curiousity Nejire Hado

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Wild Curiousity Nejire Hado Stats | My Hero Ultra Impact - zilliongamer

Note: This is just an Lv.1 stat of this hero, The stats will change depending on the higher level you get.

HPTBD  (+ 0/5000)28100
PowerTBD (+ 0/1000)5876
SpeedTBD (+ 0/100)429
Crit Rate1010


Plus Ultra Move
Ultra Nejire Wave | Plus Ultra Move - zilliongamer
Ultra Nejire Wave
Deals 600% damage to a single opponent. Increases Plus Ultra Gauge of all allies (excl. character) by 20%. Also regenerates HP of all allies. (excl.character) by 20% for 3 turns.
Action Skill
Fantastical Sky Dance | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Fantastical Sky Dance

Restores HP of a single ally by 25%. Increases power of the ally by 30% for 3 turns. Restores HP of all allies by 25%.

Cooldown Time: 6 Turn(s)

Action Skill
Power Wave | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Power Wave

Deals 250% damage to all opponent. Decreases power of all opponents by 25% for 3 turns. Also increases Plus Ultra Gauge of all allies by 15%.

Cooldown Time: 4 Turn(s).

Auto Skill
Inquisitive Pursuit | Auto Skill All - zilliongamer
Inquisitive Pursuit
Increases Plus Ultra Gauge of all U.A High student allies by 25% when battle starts.
Auto Skill
Hey Hey | Auto Skill All - zilliongamer
Hey Hey
Regenerates HP of all allies by 20% for 3 turns when a WAVE starts. Also, once per battle, gives character ability to make a last stand 1 time when HP is below 50%.


Wild Curiousity Nejire Hado Background:We are not getting Wild Curiousity Nejire Hado details background yet. Please Stay tuned! We'll try to update as soon as possible.

Hero NameNejire Hado


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