Sharp Gale Hawks

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Sharp Gale Hawks Stats | My Hero Ultra Impact - zilliongamer

Note: This is just an Lv.1 stat of this hero, The stats will change depending on the higher level you get.

HP4992 (+ 0/5000)TBD
Power816 (+ 0/ 1000)TBD
Speed136 (+ 0/100)TBD
Crit Rate15TBD


Plus Ultra Move
Fierce Wings Turbulence | Plus Ultra Move - zilliongamer
Fierce Wings Turbulence
Deals 550% damage to a single opponent. Also gives character ability to evade for 1 turn. Skill impact increased by 30% if the opponent speed has been reduced.
Action Skill
Fierce Wings Buckshot | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Fierce Wings Buckshot

Deals 175% damage to all opponents. Also increases speed of all allies by 15% for 3 turns.

Cooldown Time: 4 Turn(s)

Action Skill
Fierce Wings Blades | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Fierce Wings Blades

Deals 325% damage to a single opponent. Also gives a single ally the ability to use 2 normal attacks for 2 turns.

Cooldown Time: 4 Turn(s).

Auto Skill
The Man Who's A Bite Too Fast | Auto Skill All - zilliongamer
The Man Who's A Bite Too Fast
Gives all allies ability to evade 1 time when battle starts. Also increases character's speed by 15% when HP is 50% or higher.
Auto Skill
My Way | Auto Skill All - zilliongamer
My Way
Increases character's power by 25% when character has ability to evade.


Sharp Gale Hawks Background: A pro hero with great abilities as well as popularity, having climbed up to the upper ranking in the hero charts at a young age. Hawks has a fluttering personality that's hard to grasp. His Quirk is called Fierce Wings - he is able to freely manipulate the wings on his back and their hard and flexible feathers.

Hero NameHawks
D.O.BDecember, 28
AffPro Hero
QuirkFierce Wings

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