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Expectations Izuku Midoriya Stats | My Hero Ultra Impact - zilliongamer

Note: This is just an Lv.1 stat of this hero, The stats will change depending on the higher level you get.

HPTBD (+ 0/5000)TBD
PowerTBD (+ 0/1000)TBD
SpeedTBD (+ 0/100)TBD


Plus Ultra Move
Delaware Smash Air Force | Plus Ultra Move - zilliongamer
Delaware Smash Air Force
Deals 700% damage to a single opponent, decrease enemy Critical Rate by 35% for 3 turns.
Action Skill
Delaware Smash | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Delaware Smash

Deals 350% damage to a single opponent, decrease enemy speed by 30% for 3 turns.

Cooldown Time: 4 Turn(s).

Action Skill
Detroit Smash | Action Skill - zilliongamer
Detroit Smash

Deals 350% damage to a single opponent, deal an additional 50% damage if the enemy has speed debuff.

Cooldown Time: 5 Turn(s).

Auto Skill
Unknown Vitality | Auto Skill All - zilliongamer
Unknown Vitality
When HP is 50% or more, Skills deal an additional 50% damage.
Auto Skill
Feelings to Hang | Auto Skill - zilliongamer
Feelings to Hang
When HP is 50% or less, gain Evasion for 3 attacks, increase speed by 40% (Once only).


Expectations Izuku Midoriya Background: A boy that dreams of becoming a hero. Although he was born Quirkless, All Might found a hidden heroic quality in Izuku and chose him to inherit the One for all Quirk. His will to help others is striking.

NameIzuku Midoriya
Hero NameDeku
D.O.BJuly, 15
AffU.A High Class 1-A
QuirkOne For All

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