Chapter 10: To Hell And Back

Walkthrough all detail related to Story Chapter 10 title: To Hell and Back.

Scorpion is the main character in this chapter where the character will be fighting with 4 different characters such as:

  • D'Vorah
  • The younger version of Scorpion
  • Sub-Zero
  • Raiden

Chapter 10: Story Walkthrough

Hasashi (Scorpion) is tasked with getting Kahron, the person who sends the unfortunate souls to the Netherealm, to join their side so they can defeat Kronika.

Chapter 10: Story Breakdown

There are 4 fights that happen in Chapter 10.

Blood Beach

Scorpion vs D'Vorah.

Family and Clan

Scorpion vs The younger version of Scorpion.

Mistaken Identity

Scorpion vs Sub-Zero.

Darkness Falls

Scorpion vs Raiden.

Chapter 10: Ending Explained

D'Vorah poisons Hanzo. As he is dying, he tells scorpion to get Kharon. Scorpion returns to the Fire Garden and is attacked by Raiden.

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