Shao Kahn Character Story, Abilities, & Skins List

Shao Kahn is shown the be an immensely powerful being throughout the series and in Mortal Kombat 11 he is the emperor of the mystical realm outworld.

Get to know Shao Kahn with his story, abilities, & skins(Pre Order Character)

Shao Kahn - Character Story

In Mortal Kombat 11 Shao Kahn is the Emperor of Outworld. For millennia, he dominated the realms, rapidly expanding his Empire by conquest. But when he set out to claim Earthrealm, he was blocked by the rules of Mortal Kombat. Deterred but determined, Shao Kahn demands absolute victory.

Before Mortal Kombat 11 Shao Kahn the Konqueror is represented as the embodiment of evil. In many respects, he resembles a large Asian warrior and is well known amongst the roster of Mortal Kombat Kombatants for his godlike strength which rivals, if not outright exceeds, that of Raiden, the God of Thunder. He is also known for his extreme callousness, brutality, ferocity in battle, and his fondness of personal executions, though he has occasionally spared the lives of his subordinates, if they prove their worth, and his victims such as Sindel and Kitana, raising the latter like his own daughter and treating the former like his own wife. However, his true power that has served him well and allowed him to rise above the image of a mere warlord is his high intelligence and profound knowledge of the black arts. List his subordinate Shang Tsung, he has the power to consume other souls.

Perhaps Shao Kahn's greatest strength lies in his ability to work towards his goals with great tenacity and his ability to organize. However, his greatest weakness is his arrogance and overconfidence. Shao Kahn has often underestimated mankind, and therefore tried to conquer Earthrealm many times, with or without a queen (consort), to no success. He also possesses a blinding lust for a conquest that can sometimes overwhelm his better judgment, allowing him to manipulated by those that are cunning enough to exploit this weakness.

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Shao Kahn Abilities List

Shao Kahn abilities mostly involve with his Wrath Hammer and Lance which is the main weapon for this character.

Mortal Kombat 11: Shao Kahn Abilities List[DOMINANCE]

There are 10 abilities for Shao Kahn to use each of them requires good positioning and timing to land a perfect ability. 

Shao Kahn Abilities Guide & Detail
SkeweredSpear Change
Ground Shatter(Air) Wrath Hammer
Wrath HammerSeeking Wrath Hammer
Up Wrath HammerDark Priest
Shao Kahn Control Guide & Detail
Basic AttacksKombo Attacks
Special movesFinishers

Shao Kahn Skins List

There are 4 ways that players can customize Shao Kahn character. Those involve the whole Skin, His Wrath Hammer, Emperor's Helmets, and HIs Lance.

Shao Kahn Skins & How to unlock 
Skins Emperor's Helmets
LancesWrath Hammers

There total of 60 skins, 30 Wrath Hammers, 30 Emperor's Helmet, and 30 Lances which require you to play the game to unlock.

Shao Kahn - Official Character Trailer

Bow before your emperor or perish!

Video is a credit to Mortal Kombat Youtube

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