Jax Briggs Character Story, Abilities, & Skins List

Jax Briggs is shown to be a cybernetically-enhanced soldier who uses his purple pain and his physique and strength to destroy his enemy. 

Get to know Jax Briggs with her story, abilities, & skins

Jax Briggs - Character Story

In Mortal Kombat 11 Jax Briggs is a Cyber-enhanced officer of the Special Forces. Jax Briggs lost both arms in the line of duty, but the came back to the battlefield twice as strong thanks to cybernetic upgrades. Even with that power, Jax's sacrifices burden him. He soldiers onward,honor-bound to protect Earthrealm.

Before Mortal Kombat 11 Jax Briggs has made his debut in Mortal Kombat 11. He is portrayed as an archetypal African Hero. In the Special Forces chain of command, he s Sonya Blade's Direct superior and the catalyzing force of Sonya's impulsiveness. Jax is clear-headed, careful and always keeping a watch on what his men are doing. When the need arises, he is a beast on the battlefield with the attitude and ferocity of a lion. He unscrupulously makes use of the most advanced technology to improve both himself and his unit. He is responsible for the crime lord Kano's disfigurement, forcing him to wear a metal plate over a portion of his face.

Jax is the father of Jacqui Briggs and was against her joining the Special Forces, believing she only joined due to his legacy. In Mortal Kombat 11, it is revealed that after his wife, Vera, has died, Jax had become a recluse and was traumatized by revisiting his memories as one of Quanchi's revenants. This gave Kronika the opportunity to recruit him in her goal of resetting the timeline, promising him the ability to stop Jacqui from joining the Special Forces. Whilst initially working alongside Kronika, his past self along with his daughter and Raiden was able to make him realize his mistakes, turning upon his ally and joining the fight against her.

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Jax Briggs Abilities List

Jax Briggs abilities mostly involve with his Kolossal Forces with his powerful kicks and also have to get out the purple pain to destroy his enemy.

Mortal Kombat 11: Jax Briggs Abilities List

There are 10 abilities for Jax Briggs to use each of them requires good positioning and timing to land a perfect ability.

Jax Briggs Abilities Guide & Details
Duck and WeaveQuad Grab
BuckshotLethal Clap
Briggs BarricadeRipped
Burning HammerGround Shatter
Expert GrapplerEnhanced Outranked
Jax Briggs Control Guide & Details
Basic AttacksKombo Attacks
Special movesFinishers

Jax Briggs Skins List

You can customize this character with 4 different ways to pick out the best look for her in-game. Those are Skin, His Kolossal Forces, Special Forces Commando, Purple Pain.

Jax Briggs Skins & How to unlock
SkinKolossal Forces
ArmbarWar of Attrition

For Jax Briggs, there are 60 skins, 30 Kolossal Forces, 30 Special Forces Commando and 30 Purple Pain which require you to play the game to unlock.

Jax Briggs - Character Official Trailer

Mortal Kombat 11: Jax Reveal and Gameplay Trailer:

Video is a credit to IGN 

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