Erron Black Character Story, Abiliteis, & Skins List

Erron Black is a gunslinger of the Old West who made his game debut as a playable character in Mortal Kombat X and serving as a mercenary for Kotal Kahn and his Empire.

Get to Know Erron Black with his story, abilities, and skins

Erron Black - Character Story

In Mortal Kombat 11 Erron is the best shot in Texas decided to left home to seek adventure and excitement in the Outworld with Kano and the Black Dragon. Outworld turned out to be the playground of Erron's ultraviolent dreams. He decided to make his home there as the deadliest outlander in Outworld.

Before Mortal Kombat 11 Erron is a gunslinger of the Old West serving as a mercenary for Kotal Kahn and his Empire. He is also known by his fashion style depicted wearing black clothes under a brown leather vest, gauntlets, and boots, with a poncho around his shoulders and a mask covering the lower half of his face. His Stetson hat barely covers his light brown hair, and various bandoliers are wrapped in his waist, upper arms, and his hat. Holsters for his sidearms are strapped to his thighs.

The story is Credit to Mortal Kombat Official Website

Erron Black Abilities List

Erron Black uses his Rifles and Pistols to involve with his abilities. 

Mortal Kombat 11: Erron Black Abilities List[THRILLS]

There are 10 abilities for Erron black to use and in order to use it perfectly, you need a good positioning and timing to land it toward your enemy.

Erron Black Abilities Guide & Detail
Enhanced Locked and LoadedOutworld Gunslinger
Acid PourCattle Toss
Up PeacemakerDown Peacemaker
Scud ShotTNT Toss
Netherbeast TrapEnhanced Rattle Snake Slite
Erron Black Control Guide & Detail
Basic AttacksKombo  Attacks
Special movesFinishers

Erron Black Skins List

There are 4 different ways to customize Erron Black the way you like the character to look. It's including Whole Skins, Hats, Rifles, and Pistols.

Erron Black Skins & How to unlock

For Erron Black Customization there are 60 skins, 30 Hats, 30 Rifles, and 30 Pistols to unlock.

Erron Black - Official Character Trailer

Currently, there is no trailer for Erron Black yet, we will inform you and its release.

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