D'vorah Character Story, Abilities, & Skins List

D'vorah is a character introduced in Mortal Kombat X. As a female member of the Kytin species, she lives in Outworld and served as Kotal Kahn's first minister.

Get to know D'vorah with her story, abilities, & skins

D'vorah Character Story

In Mortal Kombat 11 D'vorah is one among many Kytinn, a swarm of sentient insects who share a hive mind.D'vorah has served Shao KahnKotal Kahn,and Shinnok, but her true allegiance is to the swarm. She lies, cheats, and backstabs so that when everyone else has died, the Kytinn hive will survive.

Before Mortal Kombat 11 D'vorah's is a Kytinn, a species of colonial insects living inside humanoid bodies. Hailing from the Arnyek Islands, D'vorah's realm was conquered by Shao Kahn and she chose to serve the emperor to avoid becoming a slave. Rising in political power, D'vorah now serves Kotal Kahn as his second in command and closest advisor, assisting him in the civil war against Mileena.

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D'vorah Abilities List

D'vorah's insect affinity gives her control over several different types of large bugs and winged insects. She can use the bugs for a variety of purposes, from offensive attacks to even sealing wounds.

Mortal Kombat 11: D'vorah Abilities List

There are 10 abilities for D'vorah to use each of them requires good positioning and timing to land a perfect ability.

D'vorah Abilities Guide & Detail
Deadly SwarmSuper Swarm
(Air) Fly By(Air)Ticking Time Bug
Widow's KissBombardier Beetle
StrepsipteraFlippin' Out
ParasiteMother Bug
D'vorah Control Guide & Detail
Basic AttacksKombo Attacks
Special MovesFinishers

D'vorah Skins List

You can customize this character with 4 different ways to pick out the best look for her in-game. Those are Skin, Poison Tipped Stingers, Deadly Swarm, and Feral Wins.

D'vorah Skins & How to unlock
SkinsPoison Tipped
Deadly SwarmFeral Wins

For Kitana, there are 60 Skins,30 Poison Tipped, 30 Deadly Swarm and 30 Feral Wins which require you guys to play and unlock it.

D'vorah - Official Character Trailer

Currently, there is no trailer for D'vorah yet, we will inform you soon when it publishes.Thank you!

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