Baraka Character Story, Abilities, & Skins List

Baraka made his debut in Mortal Kombat 11 as a mean, unforgiving, and unpredictable warrior who is loyal to Shao Kahn.

Get to know Baraka with his story, abilities, & skins

Baraka - Character Story 

In Mortal Kombat 11 Baraka is a War Chief of the nomadic Tarkatan tribe, a carnivorous people considered subhuman by the Outworld Empire. Baraka dutifully serves Shao Kahn to preserve his tribe's way of life, who roam the harsh Wastelands, meat carts in tow, consuming everything and everyone in their path.

Before Mortal Kombat 11 Baraka was introduced as a mean, unforgiving, and unpredictable warrior in service of the Emperor of Outworld. He belongs to a race of nomadic mutants, later revealed in Mortal Kombat: Deception to be called Tarkata, a crossbreed between Ville Netherrealm demons and denizens of Outworld, apparently populating the vast wastelands of Outworld. Like most members of his race, Baraka possesses long blades extending from his forearms. Although he has had numerous incursions with the Earthrealm warriors, he does not appear to have any particular rivalry or hatred towards Earth or its inhabitants. As a loyal warrior, he fights for those whom he calls "masters". He later has the status of a general, which makes him superior to all other Tarkatans, with the exception of the half-tarkatan Mileena.

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Baraka Abilities List

Baraka abilities involve in Arm Blades and War Banners to attack his enemy.

Mortal Kombat 11: Baraka Abilities List[Preservation]

There are 10 abilities for Baraka to execute and each ability requires perfect positioning and timing to create a good ability.

Baraka Abilities Guide & Detail
Baraka BarrageBlood Lunge
Spine BurstLeg Kabob
GuttedBlade Charge
War Banner BashStaked
War Banner ChargeBaraka-Serker
Baraka Control Guide & Detail
Basic AttacksKombo Attacks
Special movesFinishers

Baraka Skins List

You can customize this character into the way you like it in 4 ways. It including the whole body skins, Arm Blades, Head Gear, and War Banners.

Baraka Skins & How to unlock
SkinsArm Blades
Head GearWar Banners

For Baraka, there are 60 Skins, 30 Arm Blades, 30 Head Gears, and 30 War Banners that you need to unlock.

Baraka - Official Character Trailer

Currently, there is no trailer for Baraka yet, we will inform you soon when it publishes.

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