Shao Kahn Character Abilities & Control Guide

Find out about the control button and ability guide of Shao Kahn here!

Get to know all of Shao Kahn control from basic to special move.

Default Character - Magic Might

Shao Kahn Default Character name Magic Might.

Magic Might - Default Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat 11.

Shao Kahn has 3 default abilities:

Ability NameControl
Annihilation↓ ← X
Ground Shatter← ↓  Ο
Up Wrath Hammer↓ ←  Δ

NoteYou can also change this character ability to fit perfectly with your playstyle.

Ability Control Guide - Shao Kahn

There are 10 abilities for Shao Khan to execute.


↓ ← □

Spear Charge

← → X


↓ ← X


↓ → L2

Ground Shatter

← ↓ o

(Air) Wrath Hammer

Jump + ← → Δ

Seeking Wrath Hammer

↓ ← Δ

Up Wrath Hammer 

↓ ← Δ

Dark Priest

↓ ↓ □

Wrath Hammer

← → Δ

Shao Kahn Control List - Basic, Kombo, & Special Attacks

Find out the control of Basic, Kombo, & Special Attacks here:

Basic Attacks

A List Sheet of Shao Kahn Basic Attacks.

Face Smash2.00
Dragon Fist2.00↓ + □
Hammer Slam3.00Δ
Tenderizer5.00← + Δ
Rage Strike3.00→ + Δ
Rising Wrath14.00↓ + Δ
Brutal Kick5.00‏X
Dragon Toe5.00← + X
Shao Shimmy3.00→ + X
Knee Shatter1.00↓ + X
Petty Kick7.00Ο
Hammer Slammer7.00← + Ο
Kahn Kick7.00→ + Ο
Side Spike3.00↓ + Ο
Jumping Attacks
Hammer Poke5.00
Final Strike7.00Δ
Double Dragon Kick9.00X or O
Hop Attacks
Quick Slam9.00↑ □ or ↑ Δ
Breaking Dragon Claw9.00↑, x or ↑, O
Getup Attacks
Fatal Warning5.00↑ + Δ
Deadly Swipe9.00↑ + X
Flawless Block Attacks
Fatal Warning5.00↑ + Δ
Deadly Swipe9.00↑ + X
Toward Throw14.00L1 + →
Back Throw14.00L1
Roll Escapes
Forward Roll EscapeN/A→ + L2
Away Roll EscapeN/A← + L2
Air Escape
(Air) BreakawayN/A↓ + R2

Kombo Attacks

Kombo Attacks allow you to land a rapid hit to the target, this requires a lot of practicing to make a perfect combo attack.

NameDamageExecute Control
Warlord3.00□ , Δ
Die14.00□ , Δ, O, X
Takeover3.00□ , O
Merging Realms7.00□ , O, Δ
You Will Die3.00Δ, □
Is That Your Best7.00Δ, □ , Δ
Power of Shao Kahn5.00Δ, X
Die By My Hands7.00Δ, X, Δ
Will You Fail5.00→ , Δ, □
Bow To Me7.00→ + Δ, □ , Δ
Fear Me7.00→ + Δ + O
You Will Never Win5.00→ + X, O
Last Breath13.00→ + X , O , □ + X
Konquer All7.00O, O

Special Moves

Special Moves allow you to bring out the special effect out of your character. 

Merciless Spear6.00← → □
Scum Grab12.00↓ ← □
Shoulder Charger7.00← → X
Annihilation12.00↓ ← X
Hammer Lunge7.00↓ ← O
Close Hammer Lunge7.00↓ ← O, ←
Far Hammer Lunge7.00↓ ← O, →
Fatal Blow
You Suck32.00L2 + R2
NameDamageExecute Control

Fatalities & Brutalities Control List for Shao Kahn

There are 2 Fatalities and 2 Brutalities for Shao Kahn to execute.

Back Blown Out← → ↓ ↓ Δ
Kahn-Sequences← → ← □
The Klassic↓ + Δ
Kahn Croquet→ + L1

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