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Welcome to Character Abilities Guide. Here you can find out about the character name Shang Tsung. Get to know all the abilities control and his fatalities.

Default Shang Tsung Abilities

The default abilities for Shang Tsung character name: Outworld Sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: Outwolrd Sorcerer | Mortal kombat 11 - zilliongamer

Here are the 3 default abilities for Shang Tsung:

Ability NameControl
Inferno Barrier↓ ←  Δ
Explosive CorpsesR1
Vile Sorcery↓ ← L2 or ↓ → L2

NoteYou can also change this character's ability to fit perfectly with your playstyle.

Ability Control Guide - Shang Tsung

There are 13 abilities for Shang Tsung that can be executed.

Abilities NameControl
Inferno SkullR1
Screaming Soul← → 
Ground Eruption↓ ← □
Force Lift↓ ← □
Inferno Barrier↓ ← Δ
Soul Well↓ ← Δ
Explosive CorpsesR1
Scatter Souls↓ → x
Shake↓ ← x
Slide← → o
Superkick↓ ← o
Soul Swap↓ ↑
Vile Sorcery↓ ← L2 or ↓ → L2

Shang Tsung Abilities Stats

The table shows all the detail of all 13 abilities of Shang Tsung.

Inferno Skull1N/AN/AScreaming Soul
Screaming Soul1286Inferno Skull
Ground Eruption2180Force Lift
Force Lift1254Ground Eruption
Inferno Barrier1160Soul Well
Soul Well1150Inferno Barrier
Explosive Corpses1N/AN/AScatter Souls
Scatter Souls1190Explosive Corpses
Soul Swap1130N/A
Vile Sorcery1N/AN/AN/A

If you don't know what Slots(s), Hit, Damage, & Conflict is you can visit the guide about all these mechanic here.

Shang Tsung Move Control List

The list includes 4 fighting techniques and all control buttons for Shang Tsung.

Basic Attacks

Spear Jab2.00
Thigh Tear→ + □3.00
Serpent Stab↓ + □2.00
Tiger Fist CrushΔ3.00
Spiritual Eruption← + Δ5.00
Skull Collapse→ + Δ3.00
Soaring Fist↓ + Δ14.00
Sternum Breakerx5.00
Deception Sweep← + x3.00
Rushing Spike→ + x9.00
Ankle Snap↓ + x1.00
Throat Kick Ο7.00
Dragon's Claw Gouge← + Ο7.00
Rising Chest Kick→ + O7.00
Stance Breaker ↓ + O3.00
Jumping Attacks
Raining Spear5.00
Crushing PalmΔ7.00
Hawk Kickx or Ο9.00
Hop Attacks
Soul Barrier↑, □ or ↑, Δ9.00
Hawk Spike↑, x or  ↑, Ο9.00
Getup Attacks
Cinder Swipe↑ + Δ5.00
Ash Flare↑ + x9.00
Flawless Block Attacks
Cinder Swipe↑ + Δ5.00
Ash Flare↑ + x9.00
Toward ThrowL1 + → or → + □ + x14.00
Back ThrowL1 or □ + x14.00
Roll Escapes
Forward Roll Escape→ + L2N/A
Away Roll Escape← + L2N/A
Air Escape
(Air) Breakaway↓ + R2N/A

Kombo Attacks

There are 19 Kombo Attacks for you to use as Shang Tsung.

Press the following button to activate the combo attacks.

Soul Stain□, □3.00
Dark Arts□, □, Δ7.00
Bad Omen□, □, o5.00
Death Walker← + □, □3.00
Soul Torment← + □, □, Δ7.00
Reserved Pain← + □, ↓, Δ7.00
Restored YouthΔ, □3.00
Burning VigorΔ, □, ↑ + Δ, ↓ + Δ9.25
PlaytimeΔ, □, o7.00
Damned Souls← + Δ, □, □5.70
Death Trap← + Δ, □, □, Δ5.00
Shapeshifter→ + Δ, o3.00
Burning Evil→ + Δ, o, Δ7.00
Tipping The Scales→ + Δ, o, x7.00
Raising Hellx, ↑ + Δ5.00
Soul Stealer x, ↑ + Δ, ↓ + Δ5.00
Ruthless← + x, ↑+o3.00
Deadly Truth← + x, ↑+o, x, o9.75
Sorcerer Sweep← + x, ↓+o7.00

Special Moves

These Special moves don't include abilities in the list, there are 8 Special moves that Shang Tsung can execute.

Press the following button to activate the special moves.

Fire Skull← → □6.00
Crashing Flames↓ ← □11.70
Soul Steal← → Δ7.60
Corpse Drop↓ → x9.00
Close Corpse Drop↓ → x, ←9.00
Far Corpse Drop↓ → x, →9.00
Very Far Corpse Drop↓ → x, ↑9.00
Sorcery Rush← → o9.00

Fatal Blow

Fatal Blow is also in Special Moves but you can only use it one time per matches when your health is above 30%. It does huge damage and shows the animation of you dominating the enemy.

Shapeshifter's BarrageL2 + R232.00

Shang Tsung Fatalities & Brutalities List

Finisher is the last ability that you use it to show off your character finishing your enemy in a very harsh animation. You can also see all the character fatalities here.

Kondemned To The Damned (Mid)← → ↓ ↓ □
Shokan Reborn← → ← o
The Klassic↓ + Δ
Essence Thief→ + □ + x

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