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Default Nightwolf Abilities

The default abilities for Nightwolf character name: Nature's Call.

Nightwolf: Outwolrd Sorcerer | Mortal kombat 11 - zilliongamer

Here are the 3 default abilities for Nightwolf:

Ability NameControl
Spirit Of Kiba↓ ← x
Spirit Of Komo↓ ← Δ
Hana's Wrath↓ ← o

NoteYou can also change this character's ability to fit perfectly with your playstyle.

Ability Guide - Nightwolf

There are 14 abilities for Shang Tsung that can be executed.

Abilities NameControl
Rising Tomahawk↓ → Δ
Tomahawk Swing↓ ← → x
Ancestral Light↓ → x
Spirit Tracks← → o
Ancestral HunterR1
Grappling Stalker← + x, o, □ + x
Lunar Orbit↓ → Δ
Moonfall↓ → Δ
Lightning Arrow← → □
Moonlight ReflectorR1
Spirit Of Kiba↓ ← x
Spirit Of Komo↓ ← Δ
Spirit Of Hana↓ ← o
Hana's Wrath↓ ← o

Nightwolf Abilities Stats

The table shows all the detail of all 14 abilities of Nightwolf.

Rising Tomahawk2170Lunar Orbit and Moonfall
Tomahawk Swing14120N/A
Ancestral Light2180N/A
Spirit Tracks1170N/A
Ancestral Hunter1N/AN/AN/A
Grappling Stalker1258.50N/A
Lunar Orbit1170Rising Tomahawk and Moonfall
Moonfall1N/AN/ALunar Orbit and Rising Tomahawk
Lightning Arrow1170N/A
Moonlight Reflector1N/AN/AN/A
Spirit Of Kiba1N/AN/AN/A
Spirit Of Kom1N/AN/AN/A
Spirit Of Hana1N/AN/AHana's Wrath
Hana's Wrath1130Spirit Of Hana

If you don't know what Slots(s), Hit, Damage, & Conflict is you can visit the guide about all these mechanic here.

Shang Tsung Move Control List

The list includes 4 fighting techniques and all control buttons for Shang Tsung.

Basic Attacks

Waxing Crescent2.00
Thresher→ + □3.00
Low Stab↓ + □2.00
Stone CrusherΔ3.00
Soaring Winds← + Δ7.00
Enemy Harvest→ + Δ5.00
Rising Blades↓ + Δ14.00
Return To Dust← + x3.00
Uncertain Ground↓ + x1.00
Lunar Roundhouse Ο7.00
Churning Earth← + Ο7.00
Hobbling Kick ↓ + O3.00
Jumping Attacks
Eagle Rake5.00
New MoonΔ7.00
Drop Kickx or Ο9.00
Hop Attacks
Howling Blade↑, □ or ↑, Δ9.00
Hawk Talon↑, x or  ↑, Ο9.00
Getup Attacks
Moon Rise↑ + Δ5.00
Eviction Kick↑ + x9.00
Flawless Block Attacks
Moon Rise↑ + Δ5.00
Eviction Kick↑ + x9.00
Toward ThrowL1 + → or → + □ + x14.00
Back ThrowL1 or □ + x14.00
Roll Escapes
Getup Forward Roll→ + L2N/A
Getup Backward Roll← + L2N/A
Air Escape
(Air) Breakaway↓ + R2N/A

Kombo Attacks

There are 16 Kombo Attacks for you to use as Nightwolf.

Press the following button to activate the combo attacks.

Twin Hares□, □3.00
Axe Blast□, □, □5.00
Blade And Edge□, □, Δ9.00
Natural Delay← + □, x3.00
Ancestral Rites← + □, x, Δ7.00
Tomahawk Smash→ + □, Δ3.00
Deadly Dance→ + □, Δ, □, Δ7.00
Ambush Punch Δ, Δ5.00
Lie In WaitΔ, Δ, Δ5.00
Boar's Tusk→ + Δ, □3.00
Violent Divide→ + Δ, □, Δ,□5.85
Bull And Bear→ + Δ, o, x5.00
Howling Wolfx, □3.00
Deadly Talon x, □,Δ5.00
Falcon Swap← + x, o3.00
Wing Clipper← + x, o, ↓ + o9.75

Special Moves

These Special moves don't include abilities in the list, there are 3 Special moves that Nightwolf can execute.

Press the following button to activate the special moves.

Spirit Arrow← → □7.00
Reflector↓ ← □N/A
Rhino Charge← → o8.00

Fatal Blow

Fatal Blow is also in Special Moves but you can only use it one time per matches when your health is above 30%. It does huge damage and shows the animation of you dominating the enemy.

Spirit HunterL2 + R232.00

Nightwolf Fatalities & Brutalities List

Finisher is the last ability that you use it to show off your character finishing your enemy in a very harsh animation. You can also see all the character fatalities here.

Kondemned To The Damned (Mid)← → ← → Δ
Komo-tose↓ ↓ ↓ o
The Klassic↓ + Δ
Essence Thief→ + L1

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