Liu Kang Character Abilities & Control Guide

Welcome to Liu Kang Abilities & Control Guide. Here you can learn about all his basic & combo attacks, special moves, and finishers both fatalities and brutalities.

Liu Kang Default Abilities - Way of Honor

Liu Kang default character is known as Way of Honor.

The Character 3 default abilities are:

Ability NameControl
Shaolin Stance↓ ↓ □
Low Fireball↓ ← □
Dragon Perry↓ ← x

Note: You can also change his abilities to the way you preferred the character to execute.

Liu Kang Guide in Mortal Kombat 11

Liu Kang has 9 abilities for the player to execute. In order to execute the abilities, you have to press the following button for each ability.

Note: All Abilities control button changes when your character moves into a different position.

Shaolin Stance

↓ ↓ □

Energy Parry

↓ ← Δ

Nunchaku Stance

↓ ← Δ

Low Fireball

↓ ← □

Dragon Fire

↓ ← o

Dragon's Gifts

↓ ← o

Dragon Parry

↓ ← x

Kusari Slam

↓ ← → Δ

Shaolin Vanish

↓ ↑

Liu Kang Abilities Stats & Detail Table

The table shows all the detail of all 9 abilities for Liu Kang.

Shaolin Stance1N/AN/AN/A
Energy Parry1N/AN/ANunchaku Stance
Nunchaku Stance2N/AN/AEnergy Parry
Low Fireball1117.50N/A
Dragon Fire1196Shaolin Vanish
Dragon's Gift1196Shaolin Vanish
Dragon Parry1N/AN/AN/A
Kusari Slam12100N/A
Shaolin Vanish1N/AN/A
  • Dragon Fire
  • Dragon's Gifts

If you don't know what Slot(s), Hit, Damage, & Conflict is you can visit the guide about all these mechanic here.

Liu Kang Control List & Guide in Mortal Kombat 11

The list includes 4 important fighting techniques and all control buttons for Liu Kang.

Basic Attacks

There are 29 Basic Attacks for you to use as Liu Kang:

Press the following Button to activate the attacks.

Power Punch2.00
Silent Chop← + □3.00
Low Backhand↓ + □2.00
Chosen StrikeΔ3.00
Nunchaku Strike← + Δ4.90
Kontei Slam→ + Δ5.00
Rising Chaku↓ + Δ14.00
Dragon Kickx5.00
Quick Step← + x5.00
Double Dragon Kick→ + x4.90
Crouching Kick↓ + x1.00
Shaolin SpinΟ7.00
Chaku Sweep← + Ο7.00
Lotus  Strikes→ + Ο 6.75
Dragon's Tail↓ + Ο3.00
Jumping Attacks
Fist Of The Lotus5.00
Dragon ClawΔ7.00
Heavy Heelx or Ο9.00
Hop Attacks
One Inch Punch↑, □ or ↑, Δ9.00
Flame Stomp↑, x or  ↑, Ο9.00
Getup Attacks
Rising Dragon↑ + Δ5.00
Game Of Death↑ + x9.00
Flawless Block Attacks
Rising Dragon↑ + Δ5.00
Game Of Death↑ + x9.00
Toward ThrowL1 + → or → + □ + x14.00
Back ThrowL1 or □ + x14.00
Roll Escapes
Forward Roll Escape→ + L2N/A
Away Roll Escape← + L2N/A
Air Escape
(Air) Breakaway↓ + R2N/A

Kombo Attacks

There are 12 Kombo Attacks for you to use as Liu Kang.

Press the following button to activate the combo attacks.

Total Destruction□, Δ3.00
Twin Lotus□, Δ, x5.00
Dark Orders← + □, Δ, o6.75
The Time Has ComeΔ, □, Δ5.85
Done ListeningΔ, □, Δ, □7.00
Lost Soul← + Δ, ↓ + x7.00
No Loyaltyx, o5.00
A Quick Endx, o, x5.00
This Will Hurt← + x, o5.00
Dragon's Breath→ + x, x, x, x6.75
Shaolin Warrior→ + o, x3.00
Chinese Warrior→ + o, x, ↑ + x5.00

Special Moves

These Special moves don't include abilities in the list, there are 4 Special moves that Liu Kang can execute.

Press the following button to activate the special moves.

Fireball← → □6.00
(Air) Fireball← → x6.00
Flying Dragon Kick← → x8.00
Bicycle Kick← → o10.00

Fatal Blow

Fatal Blow is also in Special Moves but you can only use it one time per matches when your health is above 30%. It does huge damage and shows the animation of you dominating the enemy.

There is 1 Fatal Blow that Liu Kang can execute:

Enter The DragonL2 + R232.00

Liu Kang Fatalities / Brutalities - Finishers Control

Finisher is the last ability that you use it to show off your character finishing your enemy in a very harsh animation.

Fatalities Guide:

  • Burn Out 

Control↓ ← ↓ → □

Guide: You need to position yourself in the close range to the enemy to activate this move.

  • Belly of the Beast

Control↓ → ↓ x

Guide: You need to position yourself in the middle range to the enemy to activate this move.

Brutalities Guide:

There are 2 Brutalities that Liu Kang can perform:

The Klassic↓ + Δ
  • Do not block an attack during the final round.
  • Must Hold Δ
  • Final hit must come from an uppercut ↓ + Δ
One Inch Death Strike↓ ← x
  • Must Kill With The Third Parry In A Match
  • Final Hit Must Come From Dragon Parry


Visiting Our Control Guide will make you understand this guide better. Since all the control on the list only portray when your character is facing right.  

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