Cetrion Character Abilities & Control Guide

Welcome to Cetrion Abilities & Control Guide. Here you can learn about all her basic & combo attacks, special moves, and finishers both fatalities and brutalities.

Cetrion Default Abilities - Heavens Sent

Cetrion default character is known as Heavens Sent

The Character 2 default abilities are:

Ability NameControl

← → o

Delay Boulder BashΔ

Note: You can also change her abilities to the way you preferred the character to execute.

Cetrion Abilities Guide in Mortal Kombat 11

Cetrion has 10 abilities for the player to execute in order to execute the abilities, you have to press the following button for each ability.

Note: All Abilities control button changes when your character moves into a different position.


↓ ↓ x

H2 P0rt

↓ ↑

Delay Boulder Bash



← → o

Deadly Winds

← → o

Shattering Boulder

↓ ← □

Circle Of Life

↓ ↓ ↑

Hallowing Winds

↓ ↓ ↑

Ring Of Fire

↓ ↓ ↑

Vapor Halo

↓ ↓ ↑

Cetrion Abilities Stats & Detail Table

The table shows all the detail of all 10 abilities for Cetrion.

H2 P0rt1N/AN/AN/A
Delay Boulder Bash1190N/A
Geyser23110.13Deadly Winds
Deadly Winds2160Geyser
Shattering Boulder1170N/A
Circle Of Life2150
  • Hallowing Winds
  • Ring Of Fire
  • Vapor Halo
Hallowing Winds2150
  • Circle Of Life
  • Ring Of Fire
  • Vapor Halo
Ring Of Fire2Tick5
  • Hallowing Winds
  • Circle Of Life
  • Vapor Halo
Vapor Halo2N/AN/A
  • Hallowing Winds
  • Ring Of Fire
  • Circle Of Life

If you don't know what Slot(s), Hit, Damage, & Conflict is you can visit the guide about all these mechanic here.

Cetrion Control List & Guide in Mortal Kombat 11

The list includes 4 important fighting techniques and all control buttons for Cetrion.

Basic Attacks

Press the following Button to activate the attacks.

Heavens Wind2.00
Tendril Slap← + □3.00
Low Wind↓ + □2.00
Quick CombustionΔ3.00
Turning Wave← + Δ3.00
Rising God Palm↓ + Δ14.00
Vapor Pushx7.00
Energy Swipe→ + x5.00
Krystal Kick↓ + x1.00
Krushing HeelΟ7.00
Rising Volcano→ + Ο7.00
Krystal Heel↓ + o3.00
Jumping Attacks
Quick Gust5.00
Burning PalmΔ7.00
Balance Spinx or Ο9.00
Hop Attacks
Boulder Slam↑, □ or ↑, Δ9.00
Heel Spike↑, x or  ↑, Ο9.00
Getup Attacks
Geo Strike↑ + Δ5.00
World Ender↑ + x9.00
Flawless Block Attacks
Geo Strike↑ + Δ5.00
World Ender↑ + x9.00
Toward ThrowL1 + → or → + □ + x14.00
Back ThrowL1 or □ + x14.00
Roll Escapes
Forward Roll Escape→ + L2N/A
Away Roll Escape← + L2N/A
Air Escape
(Air) Breakaway↓ + R2N/A

Kombo Attacks

There are 11 Kombo Attacks for you to use as Cetrion.

Press the following button to activate the combo attacks.

Violent Gust□, □ 2.00
Wind Storm□, □, Δ7.00
Imminent Eruption□, □, o7.00
Natures Wrath← + □, x3.00
Seismic Energy← + □, x, Δ7.00
BlazeΔ, □3.00
Fire-NadoΔ, □, Δ9.00
Fire And BrimstoneΔ, □, x7.00
Natural Ending← + Δ, x3.00
Unlimited Potential← + Δ, x, o9.41
Lifecycle→ + x, Δ7.00

Special Moves

These Special moves don't include abilities in the list, there are 11 Special moves that Cetrion can execute.

Press the following button to activate the special moves.

Natural Barrier↓ → □7.00
Far Natural Barrier↓ → □, ←7.00
Hell's Wrath↓ ← □7.00
Close Hell's Wrath↓ ← □, → 7.00
Far Hell's Wrath↓ ← □, ←7.00
(Air) Hell's Wrath↓ ← □7.00
(Air) Close Hell's Wrath↓ ← □, →7.00
(Air) Far Hell's Wrath↓ ← □, ←7.00
Boulder Bash→ ← Δ14.55
Bouncing Boulder↓ → Δ9.00
Tendril Pull↓ → o6.25

Fatal Blow

Fatal Blow is also in Special Moves but you can only use it one time per matches when your health is above 30%. It does huge damage and shows the animation of you dominating the enemy.

There is 1 Fatal Blow that Cetrion can execute:

Weeping WillowL2 + R232.00

Cetrion Fatalities / Brutalities - Finishers Control

Finisher is the last ability that you use it to show off your character finishing your enemy in a very harsh animation.

Fatalities Guide:

  • Maintaining Balance

Control→ ↓ ← ↓ o

Guide: You need to position yourself medium range from the enemy to activate this move.

  • Good And Evil 

Control← ↓ ← x

Guide: You need to position yourself medium range from the enemy to activate this move.

Brutalities Guide:

There are 2 Brutalities that Cetrion can perform:

The Klassic↓ + Δ
  • Do not block an attack during the final round.
  • Must Hold Δ
  • Final hit must come from an uppercut ↓ + Δ
Splitting Apart← + L1
  • Must land 3 Throws During The Match
  • Final Hit Must Come From Toward Throw


Visiting Our Control Guide will make you understand this guide better. Since all the control on the list only portray when your character is facing right.

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