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Armor List Overview

Modern Strike Online | Armor List - zilliongamer

Armor is an item that reduces the incoming damage from your enemy.

Armor List

Modern Strike Online has 5 different types of armor that can be choose as your main armor.


Basic armor can slightly reduce incoming damage.

Modern Strike Online | Basic Armor - zilliongamer

Type: Default

Armor points: +75

Running Speed: +1.0%


Stormtrooper armor reduces damage, ability to take extra equipment such as 1 clip, 1medkit, and 1grenade.

Modern Strike Online | Stormtrooper Armor - zilliongamer

Type: Premium

Price: 370 gold

Armor Points: +150

Running Speed: 0.9%


Minesweepers armor average protection against damage and has ability allow sappers to negate explosive damage.

Modern Strike Online | Minesweeper Armor - zilliongamer

Type: Premium

Price: 1690 gold.

Armor Points: +200

Running Speed: +0.9%


Demoman armor give demolitions damage to enemies with a small radius explosion on death.

Modern Strike Online |Demoman Armor - zilliongamer

Type: Premium

Price: In Chest

Armor Points: +250

Running Speed: +0.9%


Sniper Armor can reduce incoming damage and allow the sniper to fully absorb the first hit.

Modern Strike Online | Sniper Armor - zilliongamer

Type: Legendary

Price: Legendary

Armor Points: +300

Running Speed: +0.8%

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