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Weapon List

Primary Weapons

Primary Weapons Modern Strike Online guide has 6 classes of weapons such as assault rifle, special gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, light machine gun, and submachine.

Modern Strike: Online Assault Rifle List - zilliongamer
Assault Rifle List
Modern Strike: Online Special Gun List - zilliongamer
Special Gun List
Modern Strike: Online Sniper Rifle List - zilliongamer
Sniper Rifle List
Modern Strike: Online Shotgun List - zilliongamer
Shotgun List
Modern Strike: Online Light Machine Gun List - zilliongamer
Light Machine Gun List
Modern Strike: Online Submachine Gun List - zilliongamer
SubMachine List

Secondary Weapons

Guide all secondary weapons and items that have in Modern Strike Online.

Modern Strike: Online Pistol List - zilliongamer
Pistols List
Modern Strike: Online Knife List - zilliongamer
Knife List
Modern Strike: Online First Aid Kit List - zilliongamer
First Aid Kit List

Items List

All Items List in Modern Strike Online guides detailed information, item stats, and cost can be found here. 

Modern Strike: Online Character List - zilliongamer
Character List
Modern Strike: Online Helmet List - zilliongamer
Helmet List
Modern Strike: Online Gloves List - zilliongamer
Gloves List
Modern Strike: Online Armor List - zilliongamer
Armor List
Modern Strike: Online Boots List - zilliongamer
Boots List
Modern Strike: Online Throwable List - zilliongamer
Throwable List
Modern Strike: Online Weapon Attachment List List - zilliongamer
Weapon Attachment List

Game Modes List

Game ModeUnlock
Team Deathmatch Level 1 can play this mode.
Deathmatch Reach Level 5 to unlock this mode
Hardcore Reach Level 10 to unlock this mode
Search And Defuse Reach Level 10 to unlock this mode
Point Capture Reach Level 10 to unlock this mode
Bomb Mode Reach Level 15 to unlock this mode
Custom GamesReach Level 10 to unlock this mode

Game Information

Modern Strike Online is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by AZUR INTERACTIVE GAMES LIMITED.

Release Date:December 12, 2019
Platforma:Andriod & IOS
Genres:Online FPS shooter
DownloadGoogle Play & App Store

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