Titan's Glory

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Item Stats

Marvel Super War Item: Titan's Glory - zilliongamer

+100 Physical attack damage

+500 HP

+5% Cooldown Reduction

Item price: 2115 gold.

Active - Titan's Glory: Dispel control effects on you makes you immune to control effects for the next 2 seconds with 90 second cooldown.

Titan's Glory Build

Marvel Super War Item: Titan's Glory - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Abyss Broadaxe - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Broken Sword - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Army Blade - zilliongamer+Marvel Super War Item: Bloodstone - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Army Blade - zilliongamer

Titan's Glory is an active control immunity item that add 100 physical attack damage, 500 HP, and 5% cooldown reduction. To build Titan's Glory you need Abyass Broadaxe and Broken Sword.

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