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Item Stats

Marvel Super War Item: Megingjord - zilliongamer

+1600 HP

+30% Increase Healing Recieved

Item price: 1865 Gold

Passive - Megingjord: After being out of battle for 15 seconds, recover 20 (+3.5% Missing HP) HP per second.

Megingjord Build

Marvel Super War Item: Megingjord - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Crystal of Gallantry - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Dawn Ring - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Bloodstone - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Bloodstone - zilliongamer

Megingjord is and HP Regen defense item that add 1865 HP and 30% increase healihg received. To Build Megingjord you need Crystal of Gallantry and Dawn Ring.

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