Hemidall's Sword

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Item Stats

Marvel Super War Item: Heimdall's Sword - zilliongamer

+110 Physical Attack

+150 Energy Resist

Item price: 1950 gold

Passive - Heimdall's Sword: After taking energy damage when your current HP is lower than 30%, you immediatly gain a shield that absorbs 525 (+100 Bonus Physical Attack) energy damage for 3 seconds.

While restoring 25 (+2.5*Level) HP over the next 4 seconds (4 seconds cooldown). Your Physical damage makes enemy heroes take 35% reduced healing for 4 seconds.

Heimdall's Sword

Marvel Super War Item: Heimdall's Sword - zilliongamer
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Heimdall's Sword is a energy resist attack item that add 110 physical attack, and 150 energy resist. To build Heimdall's Sword you need Bloodaxe and Fenrir's Fang.

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