Glorious Armor

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Item Stats

Marvel Super War Item: Glorious Armor - zilliongamer

+900 HP

+180 Armor

Item price: 1935 gold

Passive - Glorious Armor: Neaby enemies take 35 (+2% Bonus Max HP) energy damage per second (2x damage to non-hero units).

Glorious Armor Build

Marvel Super War Item: Glorious Armor - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Hurricane Pauldrones - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Alloy Shield - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Bloodstone - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: S.H.I.E.L.D Combat Gear - zilliongamer

Glorious Armor Build is an AoE damage defense item that add 900 HP and 180 Armor. To build Glorious Armor you need Hurricane Pauldrons and Alloy Shield.

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