Cloak of Levitation

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Item Stats

Marvel Super War Item: Cloak of Levitation - zilliongamer

+950 HP

+180% Energy Resist

+5% Cooldown Reduction

Item price: 1865 gold

Passive - Cloak of Levitation: Every 40 seconds, automatically grants immunity to one ability.

Passive - Divine Aura: Reduces the energy resist of nearby enemies by 60.

Cloak of Levitation Build

Marvel Super War Item: Cloak of Levitation - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Detached Eyepiece - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Molecular Arm Guard - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: S.H.I.E.L.D Gloves - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Bloodstone - zilliongamer

Cloak of Levitation is a resist ability defense item that add 950 HP, 180% Energy resist, and 5% cooldown reduction. To build Cloak of Levitation you need Detached Eyepiece and Molecular Arm Guard.

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