Casket of Ancient Winters

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Item Stats

Marvel Super War Item: Casket of Ancient Winters - zilliongamer

+180 Energy attack damage

+900 HP

Item price: 1825 gold

Passive - Casket of Ancient Winters: Dealing ability damage to enemy heroes leaves a fore field at the target's location, which lasts for 1.5 secnds, reducing movement speed of enemy units in the area by 30%. 1-2 second cooldown.

Passive - Healing Reduction: Energy damage you deal reduces the healing effects recieved by enemies by 35% for 4 seconds.

Casket of Ancient Winters Build

Marvel Super War Item: Casket of Ancient Winters - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Orb of Eternity - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Crystal of Gallantry - zilliongamer
Marvel Super War Item: Mystic Rune - zilliongamerMarvel Super War Item: Bloodstone - zilliongamer

Casket of Ancient Winters is a slow and reduces healing energy item that add 180 energy attack damage and 900 HP. To Build Casket of Ancient Winters you need Orb of Eternity and Crystal of Gallantry.

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