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Welcome to KNIVES OUT MAP Information !!!

Published by: Ratanak
Published on: 2/6/2018 3:21PM

KNIVES OUT MAP Size is 6400mx6400m full of islands, snow-capped mountains, trains tunnels, and alot more unique location that can be explore inside. 



There 16 main known places that named on the map and 20 plus of small area around the world map. 

Main Known Places area:

  1. Light House
  2. Seaview Villa
  3. Power Plant
  4. Logging Camp
  5. Telpher Area
  6. East Pier
  7. Central City
  8. West Pier
  9. Train Station
  10. Quarry
  11. Coastal Town
  12. South Town
  13. South Islands
  14. Ruins
  15. Old Town
  16. Radar Station
  • user-photo Lucas 2018-12-17

    Quantas rotas de helicóptero tem o knives out ?