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Describe about how to get win, tips and tricks for beginner player who want to get win, parachuting and collecting goods items.

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Knives Out

What you need to know for beginner player

Win & Lose Condition
Knives Out
Surviving is the key to get win in Knives Out. Being a hero is not the best idea but to be last one is what player should do. You want to take thing slow because each game has you up against 99 opponents.
Let's practice with solo first
Knives Out
Knives out have 4 mode for player to choose: Solo (1 player), Duo (2 Players), Squad ( 4 Players) and Fireteam (5 players). So for beginner player you should try to play solo mode first. 
After you get use with solo mode, you can start playing duo mode, squad mode or fireteam mode with your friend or let the game get a player for you.

Be Careful with Toxic Gas Zone

In Knives out, there are two zones which there are Safe Zone and Toxic Gas Zone (danger zone). Player should not stay in the Toxic Gas Zone and start move to the Safe Zone.

The Toxic Gas Zone will expand with the game process! What you need to do is to leave the Restricted Area and stay in the Safe Zone.

The White Circle is Safe Zone and The Red Cricle is Toxic Gas Zone.

The Red Area that Circle by Blue Color is Bomb Area that can be kill you if you stay in that. If you accidentally stay in Bomb Area please try to find a build or house and stay in there until the bomb area disappear.

Knives OutKnives Out

When you stay outside the Safe Zone you will lose your HP becasue of Toxic Gas, so please remmenber to stay in Safe Zone.Knives Out

How to play when you outside of safe zone?

Most Players in Knives Out always worry about outside of Safe Zone, so they always move faster to the safe zone when time reach.

Once you outside of safe zone is not mean you have to die, but it will do damage to you until you move into safe zone. So you still have a chance to move to safe zone after you finish you loot and get all the items you want.

Once you outside of safe zone you have to get some enegy drink and some HP in other to recovery you HP. So you will not die at the toxic gas zone.

Toxic Gas Restrict in six stage:

Toxic Gas Restricted Time
Stage 1It wil give you 4m30s to looting and move to safe zone until Restricted Area. When time up the area will restrict and if you outside of safe zone, it will do some damage to you but you are not going to die immediately. You still can suvive outside safe zone maybe for 3m.
Stage 2You have 3m to move to safe zone or continue looting if you want, but when time up the toxic gas is do more damage to you than this first stage. You still can survive for maybe 2m.
Stage 3This stage give you only 2m to move to safe zone because the toxic gas is much more stronger that stage 1 and 2, so you can survive for maybe 1m.
Stage 4This stage is same as stage 3, the toxic gas is much stronger, you can only survive for 1m.
Stage 5This one is the stroger one, it give you only 1m30s to move to safe zone, so you have to move quickly because the toxic gas is too stronger, you can survive for only 30s.
Stage 6It similar to stage 5, it give you 1m30s to move and you can survive for only 30s.

For stage 1,2 and 3 you can move to safe zone slowly as you want and you can continue looting for items you want but make sure that you need to have some recovery items like Energy Drink and some HP to use.

Landing Strategy

First of all, it start with a parachute from an airplane. So you have to choose where you want to land in.

Mark the Landing Point
Open the map on the corner to see the whole battleground. Once you open the map while you on the airplane you will see the flight route with the yellow dot line
Knives Out
Mark landing location on the big ma. The marker would also shown on the scale on the top screen.
Knives Out
Pin stabbed in the map can be share with you teammates when you play in team like Duo, Squad and Fireteam.
Land Further & Faster
Drag up with right hand and maintain forward with left joystick, so the parallel SPD reaches highest and land the furthest. If you wan to land faster just drag the view upside down with right hand and maitain forward with left joystick.
Knives Out
Landing Choice
More people would choose to land in the Red/Green area for the more intensive resources, but those place are more dangerous at the same time.
Knives Out[Red circle = High grade goods]  [Green circle = Intermediate goods]
Choose resource intensive area to collect better gear also facing a more dangerous situation.
For beginner player, it a little bit hard that to land on build so if you can not land on the build please try to land close to the build. And try to land into the town or city.
Knives Out
Observe Surroundings while Skydiving
Drag the eye icon to observe surroundings while control the SPD and direction on the left.
Knives Out

Collecting an Efficiently Item

Collecting a good items are not mean you can win the game but it make a game become easy for you with an efficiently item.

Pick Up Setting
Knives Out Setting
In Knives Out, there are two pick up setting, manually pick up and automatically pick up.
Manually is to pick up goods by yourself when you passing it by clicking on the item that appear on the screen.
Automatically is to pick up goods just by passing over goods, it will pick up goods automatically for you. But there are cases in which you pick up too much. So you should go to pick up setting and adjust some option for good.
Gather Weapon & Equipment
Knives Out
Immedaitely after descent, you should try to gather weapon in other to protect yourself from the enemy.
In other to get a weapon faster you should try to go to big building, you will be able to find a ton of weapon over there.
Pick Up Goods From Enemies That Have Been Killed
Knives Out
You can pick up supplies from dead friends or enemies. But before pick up goods from dead friends or enemies let's chech that there are no enemies around you.
Pick Up Goods From Drop
Knives Out
In Knives out, there are so many drop fall from the airplane randomly in the map. There are too many efficiently goods in that drop. But it will became a battle place as well.

Shooting Tips

For Weapon Information

There are two kinds of strikes in Knives Out. Aim Down Shot and Hip Fighting.

Knives Out
As you can see from the image, in Knives Out it provide you with two shoting buttoms that make you easy to shot.
You can also use Aim Buttom to make it easy to kill you enemy but it also depend on the situation you at, if the enemy near you, you do not need to use aim button, but if the enemy far away from you, you can use Scope to Zoom in.

Tips for Moving & Find Enemies

In Knives Out, there are two ways of traveling. Walking and use Vehicle. It is necessary to change the traveling according to each situation.

Using Vehicle can help you move faster.

Walk or Dash (Run)
In Knives Out, we need to move quick so walking is not better idea, so we need to run.
Knives OutKnives Out
If you hold the stick forward for a certain period of time. you will be in dash mode.
Dash With Another Button
Knives Out
You can switch to the dash mode simply by tapping the dash button near the map. Move the moving stick to release the dash mode. While you in dash mode, you can change the direction by moving the viewpoint.
Free Looking
Knives Out
If you want to look around while in runing mode, you can hold the free look button and move around. The free look button is on the bottom on the map. 
Find An Enemy 
There are two ways if finding an enemies. You can find an enemies by using mini map and by the drop from airplane.
Find An Enemy with Mini Map
Knives Out
In Knives Out, you can find an enemy by using mini map. As you can see in the image, when something happen it will show on the mini map.
Vihicle Sound, Footsteps, Gunshots will appear on the mini map when it happen near you.
Find An Enemy with Drop Fro Airplane
You cam find an enemy with drop from airplane, because many player will go there to get a good weapon. So if you want to get a good weapon and want to get an opportunity to fight with an enemy you should go there.


Using Vehicle
There are multiple vehicles like Van, Jeep, Kart, Three Wheel Bike and Boats.
Vehicle Type
Van: can carry 4 passengers. 3 passengers's seat support lean and shoot.
Knives Out
Jeep: Regular jeep can carry 5 people and the enhanced version can carry 6 people and equipped with machine gun.
Knives Out
Kart: Regular kart can carry 2 people and the enhanced version also can carry 2 people as well but it equipped with machine gun.
Knives Out
Regional Bus: It is the largest vehicle is knives out that can contain 23 people. It is suitable for 50 vs 50 mode but the risk is high because this bus is slow.
Knives Out Regional Bus
Sedan: It is the fastes vehicle that can carry 5 people to the safe place easily.
Knives Out Sedan
Bike: Three Wheel Bike can carry 3 people.
Knives Out
Boat: water vehicles can carry 4 people.
Knives Out
The Duration of the vehicle drop when taken a hit. You will see a Smoke.
Knives Out
Vehicle Explosion
The vehicle explodes then the duration drop to 0, the driver and passengers will be effected by it as well.
Knives Out
The damaged part turns to red and infects the performance of the vehicle.
Knives Out
The left rear wheel of the van is damage, which infects the vehicle on speed and controlling.
Vehicles consume fuel. When the tank turn red, you need to refuel to keep driving.
Fuel can be found during looting.

Game Mode

Solo Mode
Knives Out Solo
Solo mode mean you playing alone. So you have to deal with 99 player but it does not mean you have to kill all the 99 player. The thing you have to do is Survive to be last one.
Duo Mode
In Duo Mode, you need to have two players. And you have to help each other to win the game together. In Duo Mode, when you get shot from eneny you will not die immediately, you just got knock down so you mate have to Revive you. Once you got Revive by your mate you will have a chance to live again but before Rivive you have to check around that in have any enemy or not.
Knives Out Duo
You can play Duo Mode with you friend by invite them from friend list.
Knives Out Duo
In the case that you do not have any friend you can click on the Auto-Match Mates, so it will find team mates for you.
Squad Mode
In Squad Mode, it need four players but if you do not have enough player at least you have three players. In Squad mode, you have to play as a team and you need a good strategy to win a game as team.
Knives Out Squad
You can play Squad Mode with you friend by invite them from friend list.
Knives Out Squad
In the case that you do not have enough friends you can click on the Auto-Match Mates, so it will find team mates for you.
Fireteam Mode
In Fireteam Mode, it need five players but if you do not have enough player at least you have three players. In Fireteam Mode, you have to play as a team and you need a good strategy to win a game as team.
Knives Out Fireteam
You can play Fireteam Mode with you friend by invite them from friend list.
Knives Out Fireteam
In the case that you do not have enough friends you can click on the Auto-Match Mates, so it will find team mates for you.


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