A classic sniper rifle that can be found around your house or loot area, using SNIPER AMMO with the damage of 55.
This is an auto sniper rifle that can fire repeatly but slowly and pretty hard to control the recoil without attachment. 

Best loadout for SVD

SVD Full loadout

Long range scope: Using a 4x scope or an 8x scope will fit perfectly in this Auto Sniper rilfe.
Muzzle Attachment: Because the recoil is pretty hard to control in this game, you can use a Sniper Compensator to reduce a slightly recoil, but if you still wanna lay low and don't want your enemies to hear your shot, you can go with Sniper Suppressor.
Vertical Foregrip is very good with this gun becuase it will helpl you to reduce the recoil from (15) to (12).
Sniper Ext QD MagWill Increase your ammo from (10) to (15).

A Combo for better handle on this gun: Using a Sniper Compensator plus Vertical Foregrip will reduce insane amount of recoil from (12) to (9).
A Silence tatical: Using a Sniper Suppressor to avoid getting heard from enemies around you.

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