S-ACR is an assault rifle rocking a (5.56mm) bullet type, and the damage of (41) it's pretty good to use for a medium to long range, with (11) of firing rate, you can use it to lead the bullet toward enemy easily, it's not fast nor slow.  S-ACR desinged for hitting moving target. Also content of 2 firing mode:
-Single fire mode and Full auto fire mode.

S-ACR best loadout

Sight: 4x scope
Muzzle: Rifle Compensator
Grip: Vertcal Foregrip
Magazine: Rifle Ext QD Mag.
If you manange to have all this attachment on you S-ACR you will be more effective on long range fight against enemies.

S-ACR Full loadout

With the combination of Compensator and Angled Foregrip the recoild managed to drop from (11) to (7.2) and don't forget to add Ext QD Mag becuase you will need alot of damage to lead through enemies in long range. 

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