QBZ-95 is a new weapon that just released in this patch, why don't give it a try ? 


QBZ-95 is a new weapon and it's suprisingly good.
This gun rocking with (5.56mm) bullet type, and with the damage of (43) this gun is the most damage gun out 5.56mm bullet type gun, and also have slightly good recoil to shoot with, also with (12) firing rate this gun is truely a beast to play with. But it's pretty rare to find, you have to spend a little more time then basic to find this gun.

The best loadout attachment for QBZ-95

Sight: Red dot sight, Holographic sight.
Muzzle: Rifle Compensator 
Magazine: Rifle Ext QD Mag
Grip: Vertical Forgrip
If you manage to find all these attachment for QBZ-95, It will become THE BEAST.

QBZ-95 full load out

With the combination of Compensator and Angled Foregrip the recoil manage to drop from (10) to (6.5). Imagine that you are shooting the best damage gun with almost absolute no recoil that need to control. You'll probably on slaughter every enemies you see.

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